10 Celebrities Who Support Sustainable Brands

Published: November 14, 2022

Celebrities lead a glamorous life. You can literally see them showering in money and expensive stuff. Eventually, they become our role models, and we want a lavish lifestyle like them. But what if I tell you that our beloved celebrities have become environmentally conscious and have switched to more eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable brands? After all, to draw attention to social matters, celebrity endorsement is the top solution. There are many celebrities who support sustainable brands, whether in fashion, food, or cosmetics.

Lights, camera, and ‘action’ is not just an on-screen play for these celebrities anymore. They are taking the environment to a whole new level. Some of them have opted for a sustainable option, while some are owners or brand ambassadors of green brands. In one way or another, these celebrities are becoming the true role models one needs to idolize.

Emma Watson – Queen of Sustainability

Emma Watson
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Emma Watson is one of the most famous celebrities who support sustainable brands. She believes in fair trade as it gives poverty-stricken people an opportunity to pull themselves out of it sustainably rather than relying on charity. Watson is a conscious buyer and acknowledges that it’s an easy way to bring positive change to the world. If shoppers shop sustainably while keeping in mind that animals and nature are equivalent parts of the world, the decision becomes in favor of the world as a whole sustainably.

Emma Watson does not just show her dedication to sustainability on Earth Day. Instead she has been the face of eco-friendly fashion many times, and her work remains constant. In fact, she took sustainability to the red carpet and oathed to do so every single time. Promoting ethical standards has been one of her personal values since forever. In 2010, Emma created her own website, Feel Good Style, souly focused on sustainable fashion and natural beauty.

She helped People Tree create three collections consisting of organic and fair-trade clothing. Not only this, in 2011, she also worked with Pure Threads by Alberta Ferretti to produce an eco-friendly range for consumers. In 2018, she also supported the app Good On You, which promises to provide information on ethics and sustainability behind many fashion brands.

In 2020 Emma Watson became a member of Kering’s board of directors as Chair of the Sustainability Committee. Brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and some other luxury brands are a part of Kering. Well, Emma Watson isn’t just a brilliant wizard in Harry Potter!

Stella McCartney – A Sustainable Brand

Stella McCartney -Celebrities Who Support Sustainable Brands
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Stella McCartney is the first fashion designer who uses sustainability as her all-time resource. Stella powers her stores, offices, and studios using wind energy. Talking about her designs, she uses wood, recycled fabrics, and organic cotton and does not use animal leather or fur at all. A vegetarian herself, she believes that not only the fashion industry but each and every industry should go sustainable. In fact, she incorporated all of it way before the word sustainable became a trend.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry of water on the planet. Stella McCartney is not only one of the most valiant celebrities who support sustainable brands; she is a sustainable brand herself. She is a part of many ethical business practices that support eco-friendly industries. Nature and natural products are Stella’s fetish. Celebrities like Natalie Portman, who support and love sustainable brands, shop at Stella’s stores.

In fact, if you ever place an order from Stella’s website, you may come across an option for carbon-neutral delivery. We can say she lives and works environmentally friendly. Designs that are stylish and eco-friendly; that is the literal aim.

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Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson
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Rosario Dawson is not only a sustainable fashion designer but an actress, producer, activist, writer, and singer. This multitalented woman owns Studio 189, a sustainable fashion brand, together with Abrima Erwiah. What’s unique is that her brand targets social change and builds opportunities for the empowerment, education, and employment of artisans. By incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials in her designs, Dawson boosts African-made pieces of hand-dyed casual clothing.

Through her business of sustainable clothing, she has helped many women with employment by providing them with jobs and also kept the local handmade and traditional artisan techniques alive that were passed by the earlier generations. In fact, Rosario and Abrima won the annual $80,000 award from the CFDA + Lexus Fashion Initiative 2.0.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Found by Leonardo DiCaprio in 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation helps protect all Earth’s inhabitants. The non-profit organization created by the American actor and producer has supported over 200 organizations across 50 countries. By partnering with environmental communities, the foundation has aided in preserving over 35 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of coastline.

With the vision of giving the future generation a secure planet, Leonardo DiCaprio also produced a National Geographic documentary, Before the Flood, to motivate the viewers to lead a sustainable lifestyle before it’s too late. DiCaprio also invested in vegan companies like Beyond Meat, Califia Farms, Hippeas, etc. His foundation also donated $1 million to The Elephant Crisis Fund to protect elephants being killed for ivory. Our Titanic star is perhaps one of the wealthiest celebrities who support sustainable brands and organizations.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Pioneer of Sustainable Brands

Gwyneth Paltrow - celebrities who support sustainable brands
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Fashion goes well with skincare and makeup products. While dressing sustainably, Gwyneth Paltrow has given us an opportunity to go all natural with her brand Goop. Goop offers eco-friendly skincare, makeup, sexual wellness products, apparel, decor, and so much more. Gwyneth’s aim is to educate and raise awareness about ways to improve one’s life sustainably and with style.

Paltrow also joined hands with the eco-friendly fashion brand Amour Vert to design sustainable outfits. Gwyneth is a lifestyle guru (previously an actress) who also creates vegan recipes for people who wish to go sustainable entirely.

Natalie Portman

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She is the fierce actress who made Christian Dior re-make all her shoes as she does not wear anything made with animals. In fact, she is known to design her own vegan shoe collection in 2008 which sold quickly in New York. Natalie Portman, a vegetarian since childhood, refrained from using fur and leather. She has also raised awareness for animal rights and even traveled to Rwanda to be part of a campaign to save gorillas. Natalie is surely a sustainable actress!

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Woody Harrelson Takes Serious Steps For Sustainability

Woody Harrelson -Celebrities Who Support Sustainable Brands
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The founder of Step Forward Paper, Woody Harrelson strictly follows sustainability. His company ensures making paper using 80% wheat straw waste and 20% wood fiber. Talking about his lifestyle, he is vegan, and even on his movie sets, he intakes vegan food and runs his vanity using solar power. He is also an impactful speaker who has raised his voice about environmental importance.

In a 1996 protest to save a 60,000-acre redwood grove in North America, Woody was arrested for climbing the Golden Gate Bridge. Woody Harrelson is out aloud about his sustainable practices and saving the planet.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts
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Julia Roberts has taken sustainability to a whole new level. Her home in Malibu is made eco-friendly and runs on sustainable energy sources. The material used for her house to build is recycled material and wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. However, practicing sustainability every day is a must as well. Hence, Julia carries a reusable cup with her every day. She also used eco-friendly diapers for her kids back when they were young.

These little efforts can bring big changes in the environment. Olivia Wilde, Drew Barrymore, Millie Bobby Brown, Pharrell Williams, Livia Firth, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Lauren Bush Lauren, are some more celebrities out of the many who have chosen a sustainable lifestyle in one way or another.

What are you doing for mother Earth?

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