Your Free Time During COVID Outbreak

12 Easy Ways To Utilize Your Free Time During COVID Outbreak

With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, many of us have started working from home. If we’re still ‘complaining’ about the monotony we’re experiencing, it’s time to consider ourselves privileged and empathize with the ones who don’t have such provisions and are still visiting their workplaces risking their own lives. Let’s take a moment to salute all such professionals in the healthcare, retail, delivery, etc. industries who are treating the affected ones and helping everything go smooth. Meanwhile, we suggest 12 simple ways to utilize your free time and rule out your boredom during this quarantine period.

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1. Spend Quality Time With Family In Your Free Time

First and foremost, spend some quality time with your family, and utilize this isolation period to strengthen the bonding. Talk to your old parents, partner, our siblings, and laugh over old, funny incidents. Play board games or cards to keep your family entertained and offer your brain some nourishment.

Spend Quality Time With Family
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If you have kids, pour out all your affection and caring on them because with parents getting busier and working hours getting stretched, children hardly get the attention and time they deserve. Thus, make most of this period by painting or playing together, helping them with their studies, and narrating some stories.

2. Stay In Touch With Your Close Ones

In case you’re staying away from family, do video calls with them instead of simple phone calls. It’ll make them feel less anxious about you during this terrifying time. Call up or text your friends and relatives to check if they are fine or require any sort of help. This COVID-19 situation demands the entire human community to stay together, help each other, and be in touch.

Touch With Your Close Ones
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3. Start Something New In Your Free Time

Buckle up, and start something that you feel passionate about; be it starting a blog, creating a YouTube channel, or simply penning down poetry. If you’ve given yourself enough excuses for not getting adequate time to start it, then this is the perfect time to mark its beginning. Also, find yourself a hobby if you don’t have one.

Hobbies not only enrich you as a person but also will help you spend this isolation period in a better, easier manner. There are plenty of options including reading, painting, sewing, making recycled art, crafts, jewelry, etc. to keep yourself engaged and happy. You can also start learning a new language to add an extra element to your skillset.

 Your Free Time
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4. Practice Your Skills In Your Free Time

Hobbies and talents are different. A hobby is what you enjoy doing in your free time but your talent is a special skill that can fetch you recognition and money. Since you’re already saving up some time by not commuting to your workplace, utilize it to improve your existing skills. Practice singing, photography, coding, or whatever your talent and interest lie in.

Rehearsing an old talent may make you fall in love with it all over again. So dust off your musical instruments and play them. We promise they won’t disappoint you. In case you need help to brush up your skills, visit free websites, apps, and YouTube channels available on the internet.

Practice Your Skills
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5. Read A Good Book

If you’re a bookworm, there’s no better way to spend your free time than reading. Under this horrifying circumstance, you definitely cannot and should not visit a library so it’s time for you to hug a famous novel that you’ve been longing to read. But if you don’t have any hard copies, quench your thirst by downloading an e-book. Remember, a good book is exactly what you need to keep yourself calm and content.

Read A Good Book
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6. Watch Some Movies In Your Free Time

Buy or renew your Netflix, YouTube Premium, and Amazon Prime subscriptions to shoo away your boredom. Since COVID-19 has mandated self-quarantine, and you cannot visit the theatres now, rely on these online platforms to enjoy things in the comfort of your home. Binge-watch the latest movies, shows, and series on these platforms to keep yourself engaged. Or else, spend time watching your all-time favorite classic TV shows such as Futurama, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Twin Peaks, and so on to relive your old, happy days.

Watch Some Movies
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7. Try Out New Recipes

Ordering food from outside is strictly not recommended during the time of the coronavirus. Therefore, get on your toes, and make some well-cooked homemade food. If you’re a foodie, then you have to put some more effort to keep your taste buds satisfied. Start following amazing cooking videos on YouTube, and try them at home to keep your tummy happy and rule out monotony.

Try Out New Recipes
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8. Work Out Regularly

Your body movements usually become limited when you’re working from home. Plus, hitting the gym during the time of COVID-19 is a big ‘NO’ since that will expose you to higher risks of getting infected. Maintain social distancing, and do some workout at home, be it as little as some yoga, free-hand exercise, or just running a few minutes on the treadmill. You can also try meditation as it’ll help you keep your stress and restlessness away.

workout in your free time
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9. Indulge In Gardening

If gardening is something that you enjoy, do invest more time in it. During the hustle-bustle of regular office routines, if you hardly get time to take care of your plants, it is time that you indulge yourself in gardening and derive some priceless joy from growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables in your garden.

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10. Go Down The Memory Lane

Are you far away from your near and dear ones and missing them badly? Then we have got an instant mood-lifting idea for you. Take out old albums and flip through the photographs. You won’t believe how those photographs will take you back to the old days and dig in beautiful memories. If you’ve old photographs saved on your laptop/PC, upload them on social media, and tag the people who’re in them. They’ll also get a breath of fresh air by reminiscing old times. After all, we all like to cherish happy memories, don’t we?

The Memory Lane
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11. Declutter Your House

Since you’re self-quarantined due to the coronavirus, you should make it a point to place various things in your house in order. Rearrange the existing household items, organize your messy wardrobe, and most importantly, keep the house clean, and in return, it’ll surely reflect more happiness. A well-kept house spreads positive vibes, and that will help you survive this lockdown period better.

cleaning in your free time
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12. Indulge In Personal Care

Maintain social distancing by not visiting any salon during this phase. Your long-due haircut can wait for some more months. Rather stay at home and take care of yourself. Pamper yourself with a self-done manicure or pedicure. Ask your partner to give you a nice head or back massage, and you do the same for them. If your clothes need ironing and shoes need polish, do that as well. After all, these are also a part of personal care. Remember, when you look good, you feel good too.

personal care in your free time
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In this era of busy lifestyles, getting some free time is truly a boon. We understand that prolonged home staying can be mentally sickening but it’s a matter of our safety. We have to isolate ourselves so that we can stop the coronavirus from spreading. Hence it makes complete sense to stay home and do something productive during our free time so that we don’t get bored too soon. Once we overcome this, our lives will be happy and beautiful again.

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