3 Common Workplace Challenges Faced By Women

Published: March 30, 2021

A modern-day woman still struggles hard to strike a work-life balance while trying to advance in the workplace. We have walked a long way acing through voting and work rights. But when it comes to leadership roles in business, women are still lagging far behind. Despite working hard to push to the top, women leaders are faced with a wide range of additional workplace challenges. Worst of all is harassment that holds them back even in life. It is because of these issues that women get distracted from their goal of leading and reducing their ability to excel in their respective fields.

Race And Gender-Based Discrimination at Workplace

Gender based discrimination at work
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Whether they are at an interview session, or simply looking for an apartment for themselves, women of color are often made to face a unique set of challenges.

‘Are you married?’

‘When are you planning to have children?’

‘Will your parents/partner permit you to work late hours?’

‘How will you maintain work-family balance?’

Often such a situation leaves women wondering how these questions can be relevant to the purpose! These questions often create the ‘glass ceiling effect,’ which stops women from achieving their dream jobs or projects. Besides, why don’t men face these questions? Many are unaware that this is mental harassment and should not be overlooked.

Race And Gender-Based Discrimination
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Ideally, the personal or life plans of a woman in business should not jeopardize her professional life. Unfortunately, these gender-based discrimination act as roadblocks to success. Women are subjected to dealing with preconceived beliefs or irrational attitudes, which intersect with their race, gender, culture, or ethnicity.

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It’s 2020, and women in similar professional roles or levels still make less money than men! Ever since time immemorial, women across the world have been facing a gap in their salaries. According to research, despite their efficiency and prior experiences, on average women earn 98 cents on the dollar, compared to men. It is an undeniable fact, that as a woman we earn a lower salary than a man working in the same position.

Sexual Harassments In the Workplace

Sexual Harassment - a common workplace challenge faced by women
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With more women coming up with their shocking workplace harassment stories over social media, it has become evident that workplace harassment and sexism continue to dominate the offices. Whether it is the boss or a sexist colleague, the inappropriate behavior affects the employees at multiple levels; lack of engagement, low self-esteem, absent-mindedness, and low productivity.

Eventually, many women become stressed, depressed, or lonely, and often quit their jobs or internships to avoid being harassed. This is one of the most common workplace challenges faced by women.

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Challenges of Diversity in the Workplace

Challenges of Diversity in the Workplace
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Despite the legalization of same-sex marriages in some countries, the persistent misconceptions and exclusionary treatments LGBTQ employees receive at their workplace often make them feel like an outsider.

“It is estimated that 40% of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals experienced harassment and discrimination at work because of their sexual orientation. The statistics for transgender employees, on the other hand, is significantly higher with 97% experiencing harassment or discrimination at work due to their gender identity.”

About one-third of LGBTQ employees lie about their personal lives and separate themselves to avoid losing connections or being deprived of career opportunities!

Starting today, let’s take a pledge at making our workplaces safer and more inclusive! Let’s pledge to celebrate our differences, to make the world a better place for our future generations.


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