Full Moon in Scorpio

Published: April 29, 2021

Feelings of anxiety, fear, trepidation, hopelessness. That’s what it is then; it’s the ‘full moon in Scorpio.’ It must be.
Or could it be menopause? But why then did it strike before menopause? Why does it come back and back and back tormenting, burning, pushing, pulling, twisting, and turning?

Understanding Mental Health

(As stated by the National Health) a positive state of mind and body, feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection with people, communities, and the wider environment.

So, are your mind and body in a positive state?
Do you feel safe and able to cope?
Do you have a sense of connection with people and your community?

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My Mind As A Scorpio?

Scorpio Dealing with anxiety

I have no control over it. It drifts in and out of a positive state regularly and has done so since I was a small girl. I like to say it’s the full moon, the hormones, the this, that, and the other because – the truth is I have no idea why.
All I know is, right now, my mind is not in a state positive. I’m stabbing at new ideas every day; panic-stricken – I need something to do; I need to earn money. I could write, cook, and clean. I’m sure I could be a driver or an administrator or in sales.

‘What? At Sixty?’

Full moon in scorpio even at sixties
Via Pexels

It’s the voice always there to strip me naked and lash out with its wicked, nasty tongue. The crazy thing is that it’s in my very own mind. Where did it come from? How did it get to be lodged in my brain? And how am I ever going to remove it?
COVID 19 has exacerbated anxiety all over the world. Suicide is on the increase. Many people suffer the same malady, and I know I am not alone. It makes me feel extremely sad.

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Coming Back to Life

Via Pexels

Recently I became a member of our National Botanical Gardens. I walk amongst the trees and listen to the birds while breathing. I am craving oxygen and especially in my brain. My two small dogs run beside me. I pray for inner peace, and I breathe – for a moment, all is well.

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