Are Tote&Carry Bags Worth Your Money?

Published: November 24, 2022

Vacations are fun because they give you a break from your usual routine life. However, if you want to throw luxury and fashion into that mix and cook the perfect recipe for your next trip, Tote&Carry can help you with that. Confused? Well, that’s just my way of expressing how enjoyable travel can get with Tote&Carry bags. They are luxurious pieces that will keep you stylish from the get-go. Even assist you to flaunt some cool Insta-worthy airport looks. You will also find bags to upscale your look beyond travel. Here are some more reasons why you should support Tote&Carry.  

Experienced Hands Behind Tote&Carry

Experienced Hands Behind Tote&Carry
via Flaunt Magazine

The brand may have come to life in 2016 but the owners are no intermediate learners in the fashion world. Tony Dennis, also known as The Stitch Doctor for his “stitching” custom is the co-founder of Tote&Carry. In 1992, he started his journey with a humble worn-out sewing machine. And has a rich 3-decade-long experience today. Over the years, he has collaborated with Netflix, Tyler Perry Studios, and GQ Magazines and knows the game well. The clothing guru also has the trust of popular stars. Michael B. Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Janet Jackson, to name a few. 

The other man behind Tote&Carry, Tony Rey is no less. He is on another level when it comes to infusing Haute fashion with fine couture. Rey has worked with several successful institutions like Last Kingz, CEO Millionaires, and BLVD Supply. He has also associated with famous retailers like H&M, Ross, Adidas, Burlington, etc. 

So, when two brilliant fashion minds combine, who can stop Tote&Carry from being a brand that “wows people”?

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They Offer a Wide Selection of High-Quality Bags

They Offer a Wide Selection of High-Quality Bags
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Tote&Carry bags are sturdy and maintain their shape. They feel luxurious, look expensive, and are incredibly comfortable to carry. The zippers are smooth with adorable company logos on them. If you handle these bags with some care, they can continue to serve you for a long time. Most of them also have a 2-Year warranty. 

Tote&Carry also offers a huge variety of bags in different shapes and sizes. From rolling luggage, to tote bags, backpacks, purses, wallets, and Laptop bags, you will get pretty much every useful bag under the sun. While the majority are tailor-made for comfortable journeys, some can also be used as accessories for your outfits. For example, the Tactical Vests. 

You will also get different color choices from neutral sophisticated shades to bright neons. The prints are also unique. Alligator skin is an elegant option, whereas Graffiti bags are better suited for individuals who prefer funky looks. There are no shortages of fabric/material varieties either. Velour, Camo, Pony fur, leather, and snakeskin are available depending on the bag type. 

Check out these Tote&Carry bestsellers:

  • Red Apollo 2 Sets & Single Duffles
  • Burgundy Velour Travel
  • Royal Blue Graffiti Luxury Travel Bags

Packing Becomes Fun With Tote&Carry Bags

Packing Becomes Fun With Tote&Carry Bags
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Trust me, when I say that you are not alone to carry 10 dresses for a 3-4 trip. The dilemma while shortlisting which favorite attire to take and which one to leave off is real. Jokes apart. Packing challenges can spoil the initial fun. And if you have to unload your loved items for lack of space, it gets more upsetting. Thankfully, Tote&Carry bags make the travel packing hassle-free. Their bags are very spacious. The regular sizes are great for weekend getaways while the extra-large ones are apt for long vacations.

The bags also come with several interior and exterior pockets and compartments. This keeps your belongings organized. And don’t you worry about the measurements. They are perfect carry-ons designed following aviation guidelines. 

They Are A Minority- Owned Accessible Luxury Line 

They Are A Minority- Owned Accessible Luxury Line 
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Numerous luxury companies offer premium-quality products but have extravagant prices. This makes them unaffordable for a sizable section of customers. But Tote&Carry, despite being a luxury line is quite economical. The owners also do a great job of keeping people hooked with frequent sales. From Christmas, and Black Friday, to New Year and Valentine’s day, you can take full advantage of the holiday season deals. 

However, the company is minority-owned. Therefore they often get less mainstream exposure in comparison to other names. But given their outstanding efforts, they deserve your support to grow more. 

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Tote&Carry Is Both Environment And Customer Friendly

Environment And Customer Friendly
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Tote&Carry employs vegan wear in all of its products. They have also vowed to remain cruelty-free throughout. Their customer service is equally courteous. The brand gives you the option to track orders and modify them. Their team also assists you if you run into issues with your order. They also accept returns or exchanges within 30 days provided the product is in a re-sellable condition, unused, and in original packaging with tags. You can also return faulty products. Just notify them within 7 days of the delivery date. 

Wanting to buy a new set of bags for your upcoming trip? Well, you know where to look now. Check out Tote&Carry hats and face masks too. 

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