Best Makeup Brushes For Beginners

Published: August 11, 2022

“Makeup brushes are magic wands for girls.”

No matter how many branded products you buy, your makeup won’t sing unless the application brushes hit the right notes. However, given the vast array of makeup brushes available, selecting the apt ones can get crazy, particularly for someone who has just begun exploring the world of makeup. 

Fret not; I am here to help.

Makeup Brushes That Every Newbie Should Own

The ideal brushes to buy as a novice are those that are compatible with the daily makeup regime and are appropriate for your level of expertise. Also, you need to prioritize quality over quantity.

Kabuki Makeup Brushes

Having a good kabuki brush is a wise investment for any newbie, courtesy of their varied usage. These flat-topped dense buffing brushes are perfect for applying foundations, but you can also utilize them for building up the layers, dusting your cheeks with blush, and applying the finishing touches. 

Although primarily used for powdered cosmetics of all kinds, these multitaskers work just as effectively with cream and liquid-based compositions. 

Kabuki Makeup Brushes
via eBay

Good quality kabuki makeup brushes are usually soft and feel good on your skin. Thanks to their closely packed fiber, they soak less product, resulting in minimum wastage. They are also easy to work with due to their short handle, which gives better control. 

Simply swirl the product in the brush, remove the surplus, and blend lightly using big circular strokes. 

If you are ready to spend a little extra, I suggest Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. Real Techniques Foundation Blender, meanwhile, is a great inexpensive alternative.

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Powder Brushes

Powder brushes are great for powdered products, especially pressed and loose setting powders.  

The big fluffy shape covers large sections in one go, making the application process fast. The bristles are loosely arranged, which helps not to add too much product to a single portion, thereby ensuring even dusting all over the face. 

Powder Brushes
via Elf Cosmetics

Working with large powder makeup brushes won’t be helpful for spot-treating, though. Therefore, I advise using a small powder brush while focusing on particular areas, like the area around your nose or under your eyes. You can also use it as a blush brush because they function similarly. 

While Elf Cosmetics manufactures excellent affordable powder brushes, HOURGLASS Powder brush stands out among higher-end brands. 

Fan brushes

Even though there are various makeup brushes made expressly for highlighting, I prefer utilizing fan brushes.

Firstly, they are super easy to use. Just dip the ends of the brush in the highlighter and glide back and forth on your cheekbones for that radiant glow.

Fan Brushes
via Aliexpress

The second and more interesting explanation is fan brushes are incredibly versatile. Makeup gurus have used them for various tricks, from highlighting to erasing eyeshadow fallout, applying powder products including bronzer, setting powder, blush, and foundation to contouring their faces. 

Even facial masks can be applied with them. Can you believe that?

LUXIE BEAUTY 560 Medium Fan Brush is great for full face highlight. For smaller areas, you can trust ROYAL & LANGNICKEL Majestic Mini Fan.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush

From adding depth to the crease to intensifying the exterior edge of your eyes, these dense makeup brushes are a favorite of many. The flat surface is perfect for applying a base, while the pointed tip helps you cover the creases.

Angled Eyeshadow
via Aliexpress

They are much more potent in creating a highly pigmented eye look compared to the fluffy loose ones which usually offer a soft wash of hue.

Trish McEvoy’s 23 Angled Contour Brush is a great choice. 

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Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush

Angled brushes are all you need for that perfect arch. These small makeup brushes work well for adding wings because the angle serves as a guide for extending your eyeliner.

Angled Eyeliner/Brow
via Pinterest

To fill your brows, you can use an angled makeup brush with a spoolie on the other end, such as Wet and Wild’s Essential Brow & Liner Brush Duo. This brush works well for eyeliners, while its thinness makes it ideal for creating hair-like strokes. 

The above-mentioned brushes are sufficient for beginners but make sure you clean them frequently in between uses.

Let us know your favorite makeup brushes!

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