Bodysuits Are The New Trend in 2022

Published: July 28, 2022

The bodysuit trend of the season is here to stay. Yes! It’s no longer meant for exercise or dance but has transformed into a staple wardrobe item because you can wear them even in the colder months. The style staple is so in, and it can take you throughout the day. They are available as short sleeves, long-sleeves, backless, plunging necklines. Also, you can tuck them inside trousers, sweatpants, leatherwear, or any high-wasted outerwear. Grab your boots or high heels, and you are all set to rock the day. Plus, you can be sure that bodysuits are not passing trends. They are here to stay in your wardrobe for a long time!

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Why Have The Bodysuits Gained So Popularity?

As celebs like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and the Kardashians have started embracing the bodysuit trend, it has gained widespread popularity because of the smooth and stylish look. The bodysuits are ideal for any top-waisted pants or skits. And there’s no need to adjust or tuck them in constantly.

woman in a glittering bodysuit
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Since the fabrics are also super comfortable and body-hugging, you can wear them throughout the day. It makes your shape flaunt and requires minimal adjustments on the go. Whether sitting at home or lounging, slip on a bodysuit and high waist sweatpants (if it’s winter) or just denim, and you are all set to rock the outfit in high heels.

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Types of Bodysuits You Should Keep in Your Wardrobe

The best part about bodysuits is they can be discreet, depending on which part of your body you want to emphasize. With the rising trend and popularity, they are available in various forms and fitting styles and various colors and fabrics. Depending on how you pair them, you can look for unique styles of bodysuits.

woman in bodysuit
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  • The long sleeves turtleback bodysuits are great options for any closet.
  • You can pair the sleeveless bodysuits with midi skirts, unique lace-ups, or rib-knit styles for the summer months.
  • Getting a basic sleek backless bodysuit is also ideal to be paired with any high-waste jeans or skirt. Contrasting the fabric on the bottom will create the perfect balance and bring out the best of your outfit.
women in bodysuit
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  • The basic rule with bodysuits is to pick any style that highlights or flatters your body shape. Scoop-neck or plunging neckline bodysuits have gained widespread popularity because it accentuates your body parts. 
  • There’s no point hiding a bodysuit completely. Even if you don’t want to wear bold types like the leather or mesh ones, style it like a pro. Remember, the basic rule of a bodysuit is to highlight your body shape and flatter it, so choose the perfect bottom wear instead of hiding it completely.
  • Whether flat-chested or have heavy breasts, bodysuits are meant to hold everything in place. This is another reason why they have gained so much popularity. Consider a high-neck silhouette with a T-shirt bra or a bralette to support your heavy makeup look.
the yare available in all shapes and sizes
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  • Another great thing about bodysuits is that you never feel boring wearing the same thing because you can always accessorize it with statement neckpieces or crystals, depending on the occasions, shades you choose, and your makeup.  

Be Ready to Fill Your Wardrobe With Latest Fashion

If you’re planning to upgrade your closet for the new season, it’s time to follow the pop stars and fashion icons. As we’ve already mentioned, the bodysuit trend is here to stay, and it’s not a passing trend. It’s here to stay in your wardrobe for a long time.

Seasons may go by, but you can always put your faith in bodysuits. They are easy to find in different styles, ranges, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Stylize it however you want.

Tell us how differently can you style your bodysuit and what is the best outfit you pair it up with?


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