Discipline Is the Highest Form of Self-Love

Published: April 8, 2021

‘The first and the best victory is to conquer self.’


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the concept of self-discipline is to follow a rigorous set of rules, barriers, and restraints.
‘Do something, man!’
‘Live your life to enjoy!’
‘One life, one chance.’

Hedonism and Discipline

At some point, we all have faced these sorts of comments from our friends or relatives. These can be termed hedonistic comments. They make you more aware of the feelings you need to feel and eventually become better disciplined.

But these sorts of comments are generally misguided and can be delusionary. Most of the people who live by these concepts eventually get drowned. Most of them remain addicted to several things like consuming toxic substances, parties, and shopping. However, to put it wisely, these sort of practices ultimately depicts the highest form of unconsciousness and ignorance. Therefore, following this advice will be detrimental to intelligent and disciplined life.

The need to discipline yourself

For these hedonists, disciplined individuals look like robots. As the basis of the life of these hedonists is a pleasure. Therefore, they do not possess direct experience or knowledge regarding the importance of sacrifice.

You can predict a hedonistic approach by showcasing a self-disciplined approach. For them having a healthy meal might seem to be weird. When you turn down any outing plan because of your side hustle, they think you to be a loser. A conscious maneuver of the social landscape will make you get used to such thoughts and approaches.

The underlying fact is that self-discipline does not necessarily need to be like masochism or self-hated. On the contrary, it is one of the highest forms of self-love. The practice of putting off a momentary pleasure for a more rewarding future showcases the highest form of self-love for your future self. Those who lack the capacity for self-control will opine it as a form of self-hatred. But this perspective carries no significance or value in the wise, practical life.

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Consequences of Hedonism

Consequences of hedonism

The ones who prioritize momentary fun will always think derogatory regarding your discipline’s approach towards life. Not only in thoughts, but they will also try to sabotage your commendable efforts. Too much peer pressure might allure you to put down your wall and join their club. But, ultimately, it will be your loss. Your self-discipline should be strong enough to withstand that pressure and continue to fly high.

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Advantages of Practicing Self-Discipline

It is advisable that if you want to build up your life and continue to practice a self-disciplined approach, it is essential to maintain a safe distance from these people. They will do no good to your life; instead, they carry the potential to harm you in some way or the other. The surrounding environment that you maintain plays a significant role in building up your behavior.

A self-disciplined approach will possess clear answers to the two fundamental questions regarding any action:

  • What is it that needs to get done first?
  • Why do I need to do it?

This will ensure you have a clear-cut action-oriented approach.

Work life balance is not easy

Self-discipline is a way of enjoying life different from that momentary enjoyment. As it is believed that waiting will eventually lead you to win, the concept of self-discipline redefines that concept in a new light. Once you adopt this way, you will become more oriented and self-dependent without feeling distracted from your course.

Once you learn to segregate your priorities, you will discover your true self and the potential that lay dormant in you. Proper guidance is necessary to tread this path as self-discipline is not to block out all sorts of fun-filled laughter and to get them stored for the future. It is the expertise to enjoy the big and small pleasures but not make it a regular habit and prioritize them over your actual goal.


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