Everything We Know About Valentina Zenere

Published: September 10, 2022

Valentina Zenere is an Argentinian model, actress, and singer who rose to fame after portraying Isadora in season 5 of Elite. Even though she has recently tasted international fame, Zenere is a popular actress in Argentina. She has been foraying in show business since she was a preteen.

If you’ve recently watched Elite and are wondering who Valentina Zenere is, we’ve got you covered!

Who Is Valentina Zenere?

Valentina Zenere
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Valentina Zenere was born on January 15, 1997, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a hardworking and goal-oriented Capricorn, who knew she wanted to be an actress since her childhood and therefore started early. She started acting in theatrical productions at the age of six and debuted on-screen as a child actor in Almost Angels, The Only Ones, and Allies. Her appearance as Mara Ulloa on Aliados got her noticed by crticis. Valentina came to the limelight when she was cast as Amber Smith in the Disney series Soy Luna or, I am Luna.

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Valentina Zenere’s Rise To Fame

Valentina Zenere
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Soy Luna was a popular musical series on Disney Channel like Hannah Montana. It revolved around a teenage roller skater girl. Although Valentina played the antagonistic character, a popular rich girl who got anything she wanted, she quickly rose to fame as a favorite negative character. The show which ran between 2016 and 2018 had millions of viewers in Argentina. Zenere became so popular that she went on to win Kids Choice Awards México. She later reprised the role in another series, Juacas, with her Elite costar André Lamoglia. The Disney show also earned her a variety of commercials and TV projects as she became a household name in Argentina.

The Actress/Model Is A Gifted Singer

She is a talented actress, model and singer
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Like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Valentina is also a gifted singer. The show Soy Luna featured several original soundtracks. And the 25-year-old actress has sung many of the popular tracks including Mírame an Mí, which boasts millions of views even today. Like many other Disney shows, Soy Luna organized many concerts where she got the chance to experience fame and popularity as a singer. The actress has a plan of making a comeback in her musical career and mixing two genres in the future. 

What Roles Did Valentina Zenere Play Before Elite?

Valentina Zenere
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Valentina Zenere first appeared in the Spanish production Cable Girls in season 5 as Camila Salvador. After appearing on the Netflix series for three episodes, Zenere established herself in Spain. She went on to fulfill her dream of living in Madrid since she was a child. Her other dream is to share the screen with Meryl Streep, whom she idolizes as an actress.

A Glance Into Her Elite Character

Character from Elite
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In Elite season 5, Valentine Zenere plays a popular socialite and social media influencer Isadora. Her family owns a chain of hotels and she has been brought up in luxury. When she joins Las Encinas, she starts taking an interest in Phillipe (Pol Granch) and pays a heavy price for it. 

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Who is Valentina Zenere Dating? 

Valentina Zenere and Jordi Lladó
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On the personal front, Valentina Zenere is currently dating producer and director Jordi Lladó, the grandson of Jose Lladó, former minister of Spain. The couple has been in a steady relationship since 2020 and often keeps posting their images together on Instagram. Zenere is regularly active on Instagram and has more than 8 million followers. The actress is also active on Ticktock, where she frequently takes up dance challenges, posts regular updates about her work, and even funny videos with her costars.


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