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Heartbreak High: 5 Reasons To Watch This Show

If this title sounds familiar, it’s because Heartbreak High is the reboot of a popular 90s drama with the same title. Heartbreak High has already managed to catch everyone’s attention and why wouldn’t it? This Netflix show truly has it all. Whether you’re a teenager or a parent, Heartbreak High is the new show to look out for. Here are a few reasons you need to watch it right away:

Heartbreak High’s Diverse Cast

Heartbreak High's Diverse Cast
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When you do start watching the show, you might be a little thrown off, but only for a brief moment. This will most likely happen because there are almost too many characters in this teen drama. You have the students, the teachers, the parents, and other supporting casts. However, the more you watch Heartbreak High, the more you realize that each of them is an integral part of the show. Now at first glance, the cast might seem predominantly white, but some of the more important storylines are those of people of color. Ayesha Madon steals the show with her performance. Her character, Amerie belongs to a South-Asian family, however, this show has steered away from a lot of racial stereotypes which is refreshing.

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Heartbreak High Isn’t Your Everyday Teen Drama

Extraordinary Teenage Show
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Boy meets girl, they fall in love, there are a few hurdles along the way, they kiss and make up, and live happily ever after. You will see absolutely none of this in Heartbreak High. This Netflix show has a few teenage drama tropes. We see moments of cat fights between best friends; the popular guy kissing an outcast; angsty teenagers yelling at their parents. However, these tropes are not in the foreground in the slightest. Heartbreak High focuses on educating its audience with the help of some very interesting and fun storylines. From watching someone steal from the rich to a non-binary character being unaccepted at their own home, it does attempt to cover all bases and is successful too.

The Show is Educational and Woke

Heartbreak High is Educational and Woke
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The narrative is driven by the help of lessons that are learned along the way. In today’s climate, it is important to be more aware of the changing times. Whether you’re a teenager, in your 20s, or the parents of a ten-year-old, there’s something to learn for everyone. Some of the topics that are covered in this show are: using the right pronouns, learning about consent, the importance of sexual education, autism awareness, sexual liberation, and many more. Every episode is a learning opportunity. It is important to make room for shows that talk about pressing matters as Heartbreak High does.

A Reboot Done Right

A Reboot Done Right
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Reboots and revivals are sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss. This is why when Heartbreak High announced a reboot, people had their doubts. The original Heartbreak High from the 90s was called a breath of fresh air in Australia and beyond. Much like the reboot, the original also covered some important subjects which were fitting in the 90s. The reason Heartbreak High in 2022 is the perfect reboot is because of the nostalgia. The core elements stay the same. The show is full of life, but the subjects that have been addressed have evolved. Heartbreak High truly progressed in the right direction.

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Heartbreak High is for Everyone

This Show is for Everyone
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One of the main reasons Heartbreak High has gotten praise from critics and audiences is because of how easily the show encompasses everyone. People usually have reservations when it comes to shows that aren’t American or British. However, times are changing, and shows from all over the world are being streamed on Netflix. We know we already talked about every age group being able to watch this show, but it is more than that. Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or transgenderHeartbreak High is for you. If you’re a he, she, or them – Heartbreak High is for you. And whether you’re brown, black, or white – Heartbreak High is for you. This show is for everyone!

When you’ve finished binging this fabulous show, let us know in the comments what you thought about it (and maybe even what you learned from it.)

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