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How To Get A Vagina Tattoo?

Vagina tattoo has recently gained a lot of popularity among women due to their discrete nature. Contrary to the popular belief that a vagina tattoo simply covers the vagina, it actually refers to any tattoos in the pelvic region. It is the area that is generally covered by the regular underwear, including the region where pubic hair grows. Are you planning on getting a vagina tattoo but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered! Read this blog to find out the detailed guidance on how you can get started with your vagina tattoo.

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A lot of celebrities have a vagina tattoo but why are so many people getting their vaginas inked? 

  • Vagina tattoos can easily be hidden: People who feel the need to keep their tattoos hidden from friends and family often get inked in their vaginal area.
  • Vagina tattoos can conceal: Whether as a result of weight gain, pregnancy, C-sections, stomach tucks, or abdominal surgery, many women have scars or stretch marks. And a tattoo that conceals the scars makes them feel confident.

These could be some reasons but some people even get vagina tattoos because for some women, having a tattoo on their vagina is just like getting one on any other part of their body. It’s a way of self-expression, and what can be better than getting a tattoo on your special body part, that you get to reveal only to your special ones?

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Can Vagina Tattoo Harm The Vaginal Area?

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It is best advised that you get a tattoo first on another part of your body if you have never had one. If you’re the kind to wriggle when getting a tattoo, this may not only compromise the quality of the design but may also cause nerve damage, decreasing the area’s sensitivity. So, if you’re planning to get a vagina tattoo, prepare yourself!

Do This Before Getting a Your Vagina Inked

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You should get the area waxed the day before your tattoo appointment. It is completely necessary to get rid of all of the pubic hair, to make the work of your tattoo artist easier. Shaving off your public area works, too, but shaving makes the hair grow back more quickly than waxing. However, avoid getting a wax the same day as a tattoo since the skin needs time to heal. Waxing the skin can leave it inflamed and irritated and can be harmful while getting inked.

Is Getting a Vagina Tattoo Painful?

The painfulness solely on the tolerance level of the person. However, if you have never got a normal tattoo, it is not a good idea to jump straight at the most sensitive part of your body. Get a normal tattoo to test your tolerance level in the fleshy areas. Vagina tattoo may seem painful to many as the area is bony and sensitive.

How Long does it Take for a Vagina Tattoo to Heal?

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Healing could take anywhere between as soon as 1-2 weeks or as long as 6 months. It depends on the follow-up care and your individual healing rate. Drinking a lot of water helps hasten the healing process, but depending on where the tattoo is located, if it causes you to use the restroom more frequently, this could have additional effects. You should ideally wait until the scabbing wears off. However, this does not imply that the tattoo has completely healed.

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Can You Masturbate or Have Sex Soon after Getting a Vagina Tattoo?

Until your vaginal tattoo heals, it is advisable to avoid oral sex, penetrative intercourse, and masturbation. Heat, sweat, and friction could irritate the region and interfere with the healing process. Avoiding stimulation, friction, and impact helps hasten the healing process. Similarly, exercise could also delay your healing time after getting a vaginal tattoo.

Important Things to Remember When Getting a Vagina Tattoo

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  • Menstrual cycle: When booking an appointment, make sure your appointment date doesn’t collide with your period date. Periods are already painful enough and to have to go through another pain could be horrible. It can also be an unhygienic experience for tattoo artists in case of leakages or heavy flows.
  • Physical activity or sex: As mentioned above, a vagina tattoo may make it necessary to refrain from physical activities or sex throughout the healing process.

Well, now that you’ve read every important thing before getting a vaginal tattoo, the last question arises. How do you get it? Before booking an appointment, make sure that your tattoo artist has good prior experience, and check their ratings and designs. The last thing you’d want to be is stuck with an ugly tattoo on your labia. Once you’re sure that they could do it, book an appointment with them on a date that works for both of you and you wait for the day!

Celebrities with Vagina Tattoos

Britney Spears is the first to express her appreciation for the new fad. Britney’s body of work is quite modest in comparison to Jemma Lucy, a newcomer to Celebrity Big Brother, who has a significantly larger body of work.

Jodie Marsh, the lads mag sensation, also has a similar design across her nether regions, so Jem is not the only one with this kind of pattern. And lastly, Maitland Ward, the seasoned artist, best known for her work on Boy Meets World and White Chicks, proudly flaunts her private tattoos whenever she gets the chance.

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