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Hunter Moore: The Most Hated Man On The Internet

My heart is pounding as I write this article on Netflix’s documentary The Most Hated Man On The Internet. 

“I had never seen anything like this before,” – said the FBI agent investigating the case of Hunter Moore. I had a similar reaction throughout the documentary while soaking in tears. Almost shivering with hate, I felt terrified and watched, imagining the most personal content getting leaked all over the internet with your personal information. It was hard not to shed tears looking at those survivors and impossible not to hate Hunter Moore. 

I was disturbed when I saw the documentary, and my heart felt weak and heavy simultaneously. You hear about things, and your reaction is just momentary. But when you see actual events narrated by the very people involved in the case, it’s chilling and nerve-bending. 

Who is Hunter Moore? 

The Most Hated Man On the Internet
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We live in an era where the internet has the power to control our lives. It’s like the master; we are its puppets, hanging on the strings, dancing on its fingers. In the same way, many people were victimized, destroyed, and controlled by Hunter Moore. The internet, however informative it may be, is a lawless world.

Hunter Moore took advantage of this and created a website, Is Anyone Up for horrific content. He called himself the ‘king of revenge porn.’ Not only were there nudes on this website, but violent, illicit content to its extreme level was being uploaded every single day. The site allowed users to submit explicit pictures without the victim’s consent. Hence, it was a place for revengeful and hateful exes. Each post consisted of personal information like full name, address, phone number, and links to social media profiles.

Hunter Moore
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Hunter Moore openly did hard drugs, alcohol, and sexual activities. He insulted and mentally abused women specifically, and encouraged people to hurt the sentiments of the victim. His followers or his cult called The Family, supported all his actions. They would drop hurtful messages in the comment box, body shaming and threatening the victim.

Now when I said that the images were uploaded without consent, that’s how the story began. The war between an angry mother, Charlotte Laws and Hunter Moore commenced when her daughter’s private pictures were uploaded on his website.

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Why is Hunter Moore the most hated man on the internet? 

Hunter Moore created and operated the website Is Anyone Up, with all kinds of content circulating on it. From nudes to animal killing, people defecating, sticking lit firecrackers up their anus, everything was up on that site. Members uploaded videos of punching themselves, brushing with urine water, and harming themselves. His followers considered him as ‘God’, ‘Father’, ‘King’ and praised him for his sinister actions. Imagine the worst, and it was readily available on his website.

Hunter Moore's Cult
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The content circulated at a fast pace among people. Many people admitted to doing such terrifying stuff only to gain Hunter’s attention until one day when a girl Kayla’s nudes were uploaded on the website without her consent. She immediately told her mother everything.

Charlotte knew her daughter’s account was hacked into, which was against the law. She requested Hunter Moore to take down the pictures, but he did not cooperate. After understanding there was no way to convince Moore, Charlotte took a step that shook everyone, including Hunter Moore.

She knew that revenge porn was legal, but hacking wasn’t. She needed to gather proof that her daughter’s account was hacked and Hunter Moore was behind it. Thus, began the chase of the most hated man on the internet.

How Was Hunter Moore Exposed?

Charlotte contacted the CBI for help, but there was no response. Instead, one of the lady officers told her if Kayla didn’t want her pictures on the internet, then why did she take them in the first place. It was humiliating and traumatizing for Kayla to hear this. It was clearly victim blaming. But her mother stood by her and counter-questioned the officer, proving that her daughter was not to be blamed.

Charlotte Laws
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As the documentary moves further, many stories of victims come forward. Their nude pictures were uploaded without their consent, and no matter how much they tried, Hunter Moore never took down their images.

Kayla’s stepfather was a lawyer and made sure to get his daughter’s pictures off the website. It came to her as a relief that her picture was taken down within 30 minutes of contacting Hunter’s Lawyer. But Charlotte had a big heart. She couldn’t just leave the other victims behind.

Kayla and Charlotte
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She decided to go after Hunter and took the case to the FBI. Though they did not pay much attention to it until Moore appeared on The Anderson Show and openly admitted to enjoying hurting people. He also disclosed that he felt no remorse or guilt for ruining their lives. That’s when the FBI targeted him. FBI agent Jeff Kirkpatrick was leading the investigation. He reached out to Charlotte after knowing her case.

She knew the FBI would do a slow job and new victims were coming up daily on the website. Out of them, she had already spoken to 40. She continued with her intention to take down Hunter Moore. Charlotte contacted Camille Dodero, a journalist, after seeing her coverage of Hunter. She told her about the hacking, which pissed off Moore when he was confronted.

Who Took Down The Sinister Man?

James McGibney

James McGibney, web entrepreneur and ex-mariner, took down Hunter’s website. Being bullied in his childhood, he knew the pain and took down many bullies in the cyberbullying department. Hunter offered James to advertise his website, which he accepted to take down the bully. That means he knew in and out of his website.

He looked for loopholes, and one fine day he found them. James discovered that many pictures were of girls under 18, which was a crime. He confronted Moore and offered to buy his website. He assured him of his end if he disagreed.

Bully Ville
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When anyone tried to use the website, it was redirected to BullyVille by James. While everyone thought the game was over, Moore was planning something much bigger and more horrific. The FBI agent found evidence that victims’ accounts were hacked using a similar pattern. He came across the hacker’s information, and finally, after further investigation, the connection between the hacker and Moore was clear.

Meanwhile, when Charlotte posted Hunter’s address on Twitter, his mass following threatened her. Moore was planning to launch a new website, which would consist of similar content but more. It would have the address and a proper map to reach the victim’s house. That also meant that Kayla’s picture might go onto the website again.

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After observing the bully, hacktivist Anonymous helped Charlotte. The group removed every detail of Moore from the internet, declared him dead for like a month, and hacked and removed his website. Though it was illegal but totally worth it. Shortly after, Moore was arrested, and four years later, he was sent behind bars for 30 months. He was banned from social media platforms too.

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Is It Worth Watching The Limited Series?

Hunter Moore
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Hunter Moore was a sociopath who was proud of his creation and never regretted it. He admitted that if he had a chance, he would do it all over again. The documentary was heartbreaking, but if you want to see a criminal taken down, it is totally worth the watch.

It can be hard to digest how someone can be so sick. No doubt he is the most hated man on the internet. I hate him too! If you like watching series based on true events or documentaries, this one is worth your time. From the beginning, Moore’s crime will fill you with hate for this man.

“If somebody killed themselves over that? Do you know how much money I’d make? At the end of the day, I do not want anybody to hurt themselves. But if they do? Thank you for the money.”

Hunter Moore

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