Know This Before Going Braless

Published: July 26, 2022

Planning on going braless? Here’s why you should give it another thought!

After the pandemic, many women feel uncomfortable wearing bras anymore. Even celebrities have come out in favor of free the nipple movement, which has gained momentum. As we continue to work from home and office, many women wonder whether it’s possible to give up the concept of wearing a bra altogether.

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Various factors depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences should decide whether you should wear a bra or free the nipple.

Is It Good To Go Braless?

is it good to go braless?
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Going braless allows our skin to breathe naturally. It improves blood circulation allowing us that feel-good factor. It can also ease skin irritation caused by the red or tighter straps and give your skin a well-deserved break. The comfort one feels at the end of the day while removing a bra is mutual for every woman. Along with the freedom and comfort, many may experience a sense of empowerment when going braless.

Can Going Braless Impact Your Posture?

Can going braless affect your posture?
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A bra’s primary function is to support the weight and structure of the breasts. According to Elle, more than 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. That can impact havoc on the body posture and lead to musculoskeletal pain. If you wear a tight bra in order to conceal heavy breasts, you may worsen your lung function, restraining your body from the oxygen it needs. It can even cause spine pain, muscle spasms, and also poor digestion. Make sure while you are seeking support and confidence from your bra, you are not using it to ruin your body function.

What Causes Breasts To Sag?

What causes breasts to sag?
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Even though breast sagging is a natural change due to aging there can be other factors leading to sag. Gaining or losing weight affects the structure of your breasts. Hormonal changes and pregnancy can reduce the volume of your breasts, causing them to sag. Women with larger breasts become a victim of gravitational pull and lack of support only worsens it. External factors like smoking can also cause breasts to sag as it directly targets the elasticity of the skin. It is worth noting here, that going braless do not cause your breasts to sag.

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When Is It Mandatory To Wear a Bra?

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Not wearing a bra means removing an extra layer of protection from your breasts. This can impact your self-esteem as well. Besides, there will be a limited type of apparel you can carry without a bra since our breasts always move at least three to four centimeters every time we walk or make any movements. It is always better to support the breasts and provide them comfort whenever you are in motion.

Are There Any Health Benefits of Wearing a Bra?

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Although bras have nothing to do with sagging breasts, wearing a well-fitted bra has a lot of advantages. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a bra, it’s most likely because the size or quality of your bra is the problem. Mainly tight straps are the problem for discomfort. You can go for the strapless bras because it’s the back fabric of your bra which provides support to the breasts.

If the bra fits correctly, It will distribute the weight of your bust correctly, and you will hardly feel any discomfort as it will not cause any extra strain. For many people, a well-fitted bra makes breathing easier by lifting the weight correctly.

Is It Good To Wear Bra 24*7?

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Just like wearing a bra is a personal choice, it also depends on the user whether to wear it 24*7 or not. However, if it’s an underwired bra, it is not a good idea to wear it all the time. The fabrics of the non-wired bra play a vital role if you are comfortable sleeping in it.

Although it is more about personal choices, sleeping in cotton bras or bralettes is better than sleeping with fancy bras with laces. It is also vital to remember that only ten percent of support comes from the straps of the bras, so there is nothing wrong if you opt for strapless bras.

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When To Wear Sports Bra?

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Sports bras are meant to provide heavy support to the back and neck muscles. Wearing a sports bra all the time can prevent the rib cage from functioning correctly and weaken the back muscles. It will also overstrain the breast ligaments. However, not wearing a bra during a workout makes it harder for the body to balance out the weight.

Going Braless?

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A mixture of wearing a bra and not wearing it sometimes is the ideal way to go correctly. Stretching and activating the muscles is an excellent way to create strong muscle grouping. Freehand exercising and breathing techniques will activate your muscles without overloading them.

Our breasts keep growing and changing sizes throughout life. Since bra is an intimate product that keeps your shape and body weight intact, it is vital to take the correct measurements and ask for help from the fitting experts. Choosing your proper bra would mean you feel light as if you are not wearing anything.


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