Rape or Death Threats on Social Media Are Not Okay!

Published: May 11, 2021

Under certain circumstances, your freedom of speech might be constituted as a crime. In the eyes of law, any form of a criminal threat is a severe offense. The verbal threat is regarded as a form of a felony, maybe not as severe as the same physical implementation. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly a form of crime and legal offense.

Nature of Death and Rape Threats

Nature of social media threats

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The Contemporary Situation of Rape and Death Threats

Current situation of rape and death threats

Tracking the Root of the Problem

Dealing with online threats

Reasons and Popularity of These Threats

Why are social media threats  popular?

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Standing up for women

However, it must be kept in mind that anyone committing such a criminal offense are liable to be punished either by a heavy fine or imprisonment or both, depending on the circumstances and the prevalent laws of the territory. Do not be bold or silly enough to deal with these sorts of threats alone. You should inform your immediate family members first and notify the concerned legal authorities based on all your backed-up evidence. The police will lodge the necessary complaint about ensuring the receiver’s safety from such threats. Then the law will take its course accordingly.


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