Rituals You Can Try Out To Amplify Your Sex Game

Published: September 9, 2022

Remember the time when brushing against your lover’s skin sent you waves of intense tingling sensations all over your body? Or just hearing the word sex already makes you blush and sweat? Believe it or not, sex is equally important, and no, love is not enough. But with time, the spark in the relationship is lost, and sex becomes irregular and boring. However, there is always a solution to all problems. Hence, sex rituals that will help your sex drive bring back that spark between you and your partner are important. Here is the quick fix to a sexually deprived relationship. Because we don’t want you to be in a ‘relation-snip’! Ha-ha

Why Is Your Sex Life Going Dry?

When couples don't follow sex rituals, things go down the drain
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As time passes on, the controversy, the excitement, and the pull surrounding this deed become quite blah among married couples. Of course, aging plays a major part in the decline of sexual frequency. But there are a lot of other factors that contribute to the loss of magic in sex. For one, people are naturally drawn to novelty. We all seek the thrill of the new. So, when you have been married for a long time, romance won’t always be as present in your daily lives as it once was when you were newlyweds. And when it gets old, the marriage goes down a more familiar, albeit less fun path. In other words, it can get boring.

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Reasons Your Sex Life Lacks The Sparks

Breaking Relationship due to lack of sex rituals
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There are tons of causes why the sex rate drops among married couples. We weren’t really taught what a healthy sex life should look like for spouses. And when it lacks attention or some TLC, we tend to neglect or even forget this important aspect of one’s marriage. For some, doing it can feel like a chore – the act is expected from you as a partner, and when it becomes mechanical, sparks just stop flying. It could also be because the fire or passion is unrequited. We all know that it takes two to tango. And if only one of you initiates or does all the work, somehow, your mojo naturally drops.

Plus, most couples claim that the reason for not being able to have a fun romp in the sack is that they hardly have any time for it. They are too stressed from work, or the kids are never not around. And when they finally get some alone time, they are too exhausted that even the good ol’ make-out sesh can be tiring.

Natural Aphrodisiacs To Help Your Sex Life

Whether it’s love, emotions, or a good sex drive, it all comes from within. And when you get to do sex rituals from within, the effect and result are stronger than you can imagine. A long list of fruits and plants are known for their aphrodisiac properties, which have been used to enhance one’s libido since the dawn of time. When incorporated into your daily diet, results can be quite euphoric. However, unlike the ancient men, you don’t need to head off to the jungle to forage for mood enhancers. A lot of these products are readily available in your local supermarket.

Here are a few foods you can try that carry natural aphrodisiac properties:


Avocado is a natural aphrodisiac
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An avocado, for example, is a superfood rich in sex vitamins. During the Aztec times, they called avocado ahuacatl, which means testicle because of its shape. Plus, when they’re in season, they grow in pairs! Aside from that, it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients that improve the overall health of the body. This aids in boosting one’s sex drive and helps your body produce hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. These hormones circulate in your bloodstream and stimulate sexual responses like clitoral swelling and vaginal lubrication.


Oyster is a natural aphrodisiac
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Oysters might be one of the most known aphrodisiacs. Early naturalists believed that because oysters look very much like a vagina, it could trigger strong sexual desire. However, aside from what its image suggests, oysters are high in zinc which is an important component in the production of testosterone and sperm. Also, this yummy seafood is packed with vitamin D, which can help improve a man’s sexual performance and erectile function.


Cilantro is a natural aphrodisiac
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Cilantro comes from coriander seeds, and this plant is as old as the world. It was used in Ancient China to increase sex drive. This herb was once called the ‘spice of happiness’ by the Egyptians due to its aphrodisiac component. Besides that, this herb was incorporated in a spiced wine drink called Hippocras and was even banned during the middle ages because it stimulated the libido too much. It’s all because of its fragrant spice. Its unique aroma has psychogenic properties that stimulate mild euphoria and increase sexual appetite.

With the aid of this healthy food that contains aphrodisiac components, the regular sex that you will be having also gives you the same benefits of regular exercise. Aside from producing all kinds of chemicals and happy hormones to stimulate your sexual appetite, it improves your cholesterol level, invigorates the heart, keeps your immune system happy, and more.

The Power of Touch

Touch is a great sex ritual
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Do not underestimate the power of touch. This sex ritual has the power to move your world and your body! A sensual massage or a simple cuddle with a loved one can release a love hormone called oxytocin. So, in case you find yourselves in a sexual rut, oxytocin is your best friend. Apart from increasing emotional connection, it also reduces stress and increases the need to touch and be touched.

Allow yourselves to go back to the time when you did nothing but worship each other’s bodies. While exploring, rediscover one another’s sweet spots and, at the same time, discover new erogenous zones. This will increase the production of the love hormone and leave you both lusting for more. You can also watch romantic or erotic movies, read sexual stories, or make small special gestures that will escalate you to the time back when you shook your partner’s world.

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Be More Adventurous

Adventures together is the best Sex ritual
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Another sex ritual that has proven to do wonders in relationships is to be more adventurous. The process of learning new ways to stimulate our senses is already a titillating ride. Acquiring new lingerie or a toy can already make you feel sexy even before you guys have the chance to use them. If you haven’t done it, do a little dance or get them to watch you touch yourself to spice things up and elevate your usual foreplay routine.

The pleasure building up from inside will indeed explode when you both start to collide. Exploring new forms of sexual intimacy together does not only amplify your sex life; the act itself becomes a soulful ride. I hope these sex rituals elevate the graph of your sex life and make the bond with your partner lively.


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