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Become a Micro-Influencer Following These Steps

Learn to become a Micro-influencer with just a few steps!

Influencer marketing is not a new term; celebrities are the most prominent examples of social media influence. Their claims, comments or remarks, or the hashtags they use, are as effective as a multiple-channel marketing campaign. However, with the audience being more aware of how digital marketing works, micro-influencers are the new “in” thing. So, know who are the micro-influencers.

Who Is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers are people with numerous followers on social media, catering to a specific niche and interacting with their audience on a more personal level. Entrepreneur magazine gives an apt definition of such people…’ They are tastemakers, opinion-shapers, and trend-forecasters who generally have between 1000 and 50000 followers’.

According to a recent study, people might follow the daily lifestyle of celebrities, but they still tend to go more with recommendations from friends and peers than celebrity endorsements. Micro-influencers create a peer-like rapport with their audience, which is what makes them more real and believable.

Being a micro-influencer has its perks and benefits. After all, who does not want the power to influence people with their opinions and the opportunity to represent brands?

But it takes a lot of effort to upgrade a regular social media profile into a micro-influencer one. It requires serious dedication, great content, and demands expertise.

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Here Are Some Easy Steps To Become A Micro-Influencer

Talk About the Brands Around Your Niche

Pick a specialty and talk about the leading brands in that area. Brands are continuously monitoring who all are ‘talking about them. Every “mention” and “tag” counts for them; if they find you talking about their brands, they would want to associate with you to spread the word about their brand.

Post Regularly

It is important to post as frequently as possible. If you are posting for 2-3 consecutive days and then you vanish for a week, your audience will find someone else to follow who is more regular. Regular posting and engaging with your audience is the key to becoming a micro-influencer.

When you respond to every comment in a personal way, you are building a rapport with your audience who’d love to buy your opinions when you endorse a brand or share your opinion on anything around your niche.

Engage With Brands

To evolve as micro-influencers, you need to engage with your brand. “Talking to your” brand is as essential as “talking about your brand”. It brings you to their notice.

Whether you want to be a micro-influencer in the extravagant niche of fashion and beauty or you pick something as educational as being an environment soldier, you have to follow relevant brands to invite work opportunities.

Some Other Important Steps To Become Micro-influencers

Quality Content

Without quality content, nothing works in digital marketing. The audience wants to read exciting and engaging content; it can be something that draws their attention in a proper way or something useful and informative. You should also maintain a routine of posting once or twice daily on Instagram, and publishing one or two blog posts a week.

If your posts are interesting, simple yet not mundane, motivating, and inspirational; you will notice that you will have more traffic on your page and your follow-up base is growing. You also need to take care of how you present the content. High-quality images and videos are a hit!

Follow the Influencers

Follow the influencers. Engage with them and learn from them. Let the micro-influencers influence you in terms of thoughts and maintain an unspoken cordial relationship with them.

Appreciate their efforts by talking about them and also talking with them. This increases your visibility. When you do it regularly, they may even follow you back. A single engagement (be it a like, RT, comment, share or follow) from their end can boost your brand value.

Stay Original

It is excellent to learn from the leaders in your niche, but it is also crucial for you to stay original. Dupes are spotted in no time. When you’re on social media, millions of people are watching you and following you, along with many other micro-influencers and social media influencers.

You need to be yourself whether you’re writing something or speaking about something. This makes the entire process effortless as well. Trying to live somebody else’s life or being someone else is not sustainable.

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Micro-influencing, a trend

Micro-influencing is one of the biggest trends of 2019. You can quickly become one by consistently working on the above steps. You need to understand that you cannot become a micro-influencer overnight. It takes a lot of dedication in terms of time and content to become one. Also, make sure you have a positive attitude towards this role. So that small disappointments like cyberbullying or negative comments don’t pull you down.

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