Space In A Relationship: Why Is It Important?

Published: December 31, 2022

You must have heard ‘distance creates love’ and still thought it was necessary to overstep your boundaries in relationships. It is a common mistake most of us commit in our relationships that stems from wanting to spend more time with our partners. But giving space in a relationship is the healthy road that leads to an ever-lasting relationship. 

In every healthy relationship, expecting or giving space is perfectly reasonable, and you cannot be offended if someone asks for space. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore! It just means they are seeking some time aloof to get in touch with their feelings so they can come back and offer you more.

Signs That Your Partner Needs Personal Space

Signs That Your Partner Needs Personal Space
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While honest communication can help resolve conflicts and prevent misunderstandings, sometimes you may not be able to open up to your partners directly. If you are living with an introverted partner, you might have to look for signs to understand that your partner needs space. Here are some of the signs:

  • Your partner’s mood is often cranky;
  • They start an argument or a drama to get away from you;
  • You are not getting any inputs or comments, and your partner agrees to whatever you suggest.
  • Your partner wants to avoid having an open conversation and cuts you short. 
  • You feel that you and your partner are constantly arguing, straining your relationship.

If you feel your partner is becoming dependent on you and/or acting clingy, it can be a sign that your partner is losing their individuality.  

Why Is Space Important in a Relationship?

Why Is Space Important in a Relationship?
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If you have found your soulmate, getting curious about everything your partner does in a relationship is natural. You must have been shocked when your partner revealed they wanted space from you, but space is the key to strengthening a relationship bond. Many people lose their identity by immersing themselves too much in a relationship. It then starts affecting a relationship because they don’t know how to feel happy without their partner. A healthy personal space retains a striking balance in the relationship and benefits both individuals. If you are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why personal space is vital in any relationship:

1: Let Them Miss You More

Do you know that in the case of a twin flame relationship, there is a runner and a chaser? The chaser often turns into a runner by giving space and focusing on themselves. It is a cliched truth that your partner will start missing you in your absence. If you do not give them space, they will never get the chance to cherish the fond memories with you and long for your company. 

2: Time To Focus On Your Personal Development

Time To Focus On Your Personal Development
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If you get too involved in a relationship where you start losing yourself, you tend to get jealous of your partner for their success or happiness. However, when both partners focus on personal growth and improvement, they grow confident and happier.

3: Find Time For Others

When you are in the initial phase of a relationship, the world usually revolves around your partner. Your friends or colleagues complain that you no longer have time for them! Having a healthy personal space in a relationship allows you to spend enough time with your family or friends and strengthen your bond with them. 

4: It Takes Off The Straining Factors

It Takes Off The Straining Factors
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It is difficult to be the best version of yourself to your partner if you are stressed or anxious about your work, finances, or family issues. Spending time away from your partner will also help you avoid unnecessary arguments and focus better on the problems. 

5: Avoids Codependency 

Spending excessive time with your partner can increase your codependency. Codependency often turns toxic and suffocating in the long run. Taking some time off from your partner will make you realize that you can survive without each other, which will keep the spark alive in a relationship.

How Much Space Is Normal for a Couple?

How Much Space Is Normal for a Couple?
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There are no defined parameters as to how much space is normal for couples. Every relationship is unique, and every person has individual requirements. Giving space to your partner doesn’t mean you need to cut yourself off from them. Talk to your partner clearly and communicate the boundaries. If you think your partner is drifting away from you, discuss it openly and determine how much space is healthy in your relationship. 

How To Create Healthy Space in Your Relationship?

Even if you realize the importance of a healthy space in a relationship, it might be overwhelming to start giving your partner space. Here are some ways to create a healthy space in your relationship:

1: Communication Is the Key

Communication Is the Key
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If you feel suffocated in a relationship, it’s probably because you need space. Transparency and clear communication form the basis of a healthy relationship. Communicate with your partner why you need space and what you plan to do in that time. Answer their questions without hurting them, and keep in touch with them. Let them know you are available for them and keep them in the loop of your activities.

2: Do Not Peep Into Their Personal Items

Many people believe that there should be no secrecy between a married couple. Unfortunately, this is a false notion. To create a safe space for their mental health, you should avoid going through your partner’s mobile, laptop, emails, and social media accounts. Even if your partner is open about everything, give them space and do not overstep the boundaries by reading their personal letters, and texts and accessing their private space in their absence. 

3: Avoid Being a Nosy Person

Avoid Being a Nosy Person
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If your partner creates a boundary in the relationship, you must respect it. You need to trust them and avoid interrogating them about every single detail. Let them share their feelings with you instead of being a nosy person. 

4: Give Them Opportunities To Meet Their Friends

Encourage your partner to meet with their friends when you plan your ‘me time.’ Remind them how much he enjoys their company and plan events or activities they might enjoy together. 

5: Encourage Them To Revisit Their Hobbies or Fun Activities

Encourage Them To Revisit Their Hobbies or Fun Activities
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Many people give up their hobbies because their partners do not enjoy the activities. Encourage your partner to take up their hobbies and interests seriously. You might be amazed to see how much joy it brings to your partner.

6: Limit Calling Or Texting Your Partner

If your partner has asked you to give them some space, calling or texting them now and then can be intimidating. Instead of depending on your partner for everything, try solving problems on your own. If you learn to meet your needs, you will automatically learn to give space to your partner.

Space in a relationship is mandatory for both of you. Needing space in a relationship doesn’t mean the relationship is over. It’s a positive sign that you are willing to sustain it by putting in the extra effort. Space in a relationship can help in personal development and hobbies and improve individual capacities. The bond grows stronger as you both strive to become a better version of yourselves.


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