Why Are Sorel Sandals So Popular?

Published: January 3, 2023

Bright pompous sandals are the preferred choice over heels for many. And why not? They can not only brighten your dull days but are also great as everyday footwear. However, your feet being your primary vehicle, needs added love. So, when choosing sandals, it’s best to search for the ideal style and comfort combo. Sorel sandals consistently score high in this category and are hence the hot topic of discussion in town. If you are looking for more reasons to fall in love with Sorel sandals, here’s more on why they are so popular.

Sorel Sandals Can Be Your Go-to Shoe

Sorel Sandals Can Be Your Go-to Shoe
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Sorel sandals have all the potential to become the ultimate summer shoe. They are so easygoing that your legs will thank you for the smooth experience every single day. All of Sorel’s sandals are of top quality. And they are also made durable to survive regular usage. So, whichever you buy, they won’t disappoint you. 

Sorel Kinetic Impact Sling Sandal, however, can be the safest bet.  It has all the features that cater to most daily footwear needs. While the soft footbed sorts out the comfort question, the leather upper and adjustable strap helps your feet sit happily inside. Not to forget, these sandals are also very sporty. They have a trademark thick sole with scallops which acts as a welcoming twist on the trendy getup.

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You Get These Sandals In A Large Variety

You Get These Sandals In A Large Variety
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The primary duty of any shoe is to provide protection to your feet. But to attract a large section of customers, they need to satisfy several other demands. And since priorities vary from person to person, the more diverse the choices, the more popular the brand becomes. Sorel has done that with their sandal collection. Women’s Cameron™ Flatform Slingback Wedge Sandal and SOREL Kinetic Impact Sling Sandal are fan favorites. But they have many more in their gallery to serve your varying expectations.

From colorful sandals and athletic-looking ones to easy glide ones, you will find Sorel sandals in unique designs. If you are looking for an ageless beauty, go for the Women’s Joanie™ III Lace Wedge Sandal. Women’s Ella™ Ii Flip Sandal would be a perfect choice as a humble feel-good household sandal. Then for those always in the mood to explore, trust the Women’s Sorel X Prana Explorer Blitz™ Stride Sandal to be your loyal companion. 

They Make You Tall Without Compromising On The Comfort Level

They Make You Tall Without Compromising On The Comfort Level
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Don’t need heels with sandals? Ok, but if you ask short ladies like me, we won’t surely mind a few extra inches in every kind of shoe we wear. However, that’s not the main catch here. What’s amazing about Sorel is that they have managed to gift us sandals with some height while keeping things relaxing for us. 

Take the Women’s Cameron™ Flatform Lace Wedge Sandals, for instance. They have heels but are far more enjoyable than the traditional form of heels. They provide arch support so that you can stay at ease throughout the day. Also, there’s a minimum risk of twisting your ankle while walking. Let’s face it, Stilettos or cut-out heels may look extremely stylish, but not all can pull them off. In contrast to that, anyone can carry Sorel sandals effortlessly, all while enjoying the added elevation. 

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Sorel Sandals Got The Brand Name Along With Top Performace 

Sorel Sandals Got The Brand Name Along With Top Performace 
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There’s no doubt that Sorel sandals are real performers. But the name Sorel has also influenced their rise in popularity. It’s true that branded items do not always guarantee top quality. But if a brand has maintained its image for a good number of years, it is proof that they have earned that. 

Sorel started its journey with Kaufman Rubber Company as a winter sport/work boots company in 1962. After seeing success with it, the organization decided to change its name to Kaufman Footwear in 1964. But, they became bankrupt in 2000, and Columbia Sportwear brought the Sorel Trademark. Post that, the brand has undergone a massive expansion. Some prices are somewhat high-end, but there are many affordable pieces as well. 

As for the quality, the line is raved for making uniquely designed, comfortable, and durable footwear. And Sorel sandals are no exception. The brand is also trusted and worn by many celebs. Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, and Jennifer Aniston, to name a few. You must have also heard Oprah naming Sorel Kinetic Conquest Boots as one of her favorite things. 

I have a feeling that you are already convinced to buy Sorel sandals. If that’s the case, I would also ask you to check out their entire shoe collection. From winter boots, and sneakers, to slippers and many more, Sorel has got you covered for every season.

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