Why Sex Education Is Important?

Published: July 29, 2022

Sex Education should be a compulsion in schools. All the hushes about sex are because of the wrong education we have got. School and college students easily become a victim of irresponsible activities due to this lack of awareness. Even parents play a vital role in providing the right sex education to their children.

A video of Yash Rathi, a stand-up comedian, went viral on Instagram a few days back. The clipping shared began with “People in India don’t want to talk about periods.” The reason why he made a comedy video on this topic is till the age of 22 he did not know where the sanitary pad sticks. He and his friends thought the pad sticks to the vagina and acts like a ‘band-aid’ to control the bleeding.

Confused and shocked after seeing the lack of sex ed
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Apart from the slang he has used in the video, if you seriously think about it, a lot of men are unaware of how menstruating genders wear pads. They do not know the basic things about periods or sex education. This also includes the knowledge of STDs, the pros and cons of condoms, sexuality, reproductive health, etc.

What is Sex Education?

The importance of sex education.
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Most people are familiar with how the reproductive organs work. But they lack basic knowledge about hygiene, and STIs, and often gain their understanding through the platform of pornography. These digital graphics consist of unnatural methods of sex leading to impractical details.

At some point, we have all asked “where do children come from?” or we have thought that kissing leads to pregnancy. Sex education can be taught by parents and should be a compulsion in schools for better representation. It is a study of important areas responsible for the growth and development of a healthy mindset toward sex and aspects related to it.

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Frued’s Stages of Sexual Development

The main goal of sex education is to raise the right awareness among teenagers, young adults, and sometimes also adults. However, in this modern world society still sees the word as taboo, let alone its educational importance.

Between the age of 3 years to 7 years, a child begins to identify genitals. They understand the actions of their parents and learn to copy them. During this period. parents must be careful of what knowledge they are delivering to the child through their actions and words.

Freud's Psychosexual Stages
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At the age of 12, puberty hits. That’s when genders are most curious and become explorative. They experience sexual interest, attraction, and the need for independence or privacy. The hormonal development is at rush. Hence, teenagers deal with emotions and desires they never before experienced. This is a stage when they are most vulnerable and need a proper understanding of sex education.

The development in the body can cause anxiety in many children when they lack familiarity with the topic. Their decisions or need to be accepted can cause psychological disorders or lead to crimes. It is a tender age and it needs to be dealt with empathy.

Benefits of Sex Education

Before discovering the illicit content on online platforms, sex education at schools should become the medium of knowledge. I personally feel that regular group sessions including all genders, or seminars or considering it as a proper subject can help to turn the taboo into a boon.

sex education keeps out kids safe
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  • The number one benefit of sex education is learning about right and wrong touch. Parents are responsible for teaching this part at an early stage. If a child knows what the wrong touch is, and they understand who to trust, there is likely a chance if any situation occurs, they will know how to respond to that.
  • As the development is in process, sex education ensures the understanding of human sexual anatomy. Puberty, sexual orientation, sexuality, genital organ development, and hormones are important to comprehend. Children also understand that every body is different. So, they get that body shaming is immoral.
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  • Sex Ed also helps with the understanding of relationships, whether self or with others, setting boundaries, or certain behaviors.
  • It also helps with personal skills development. Its study is not completely about the external body or internal changes, but also about psychological development. Communication, decision making, negotiation, and confidence building are a part of the process.
Condoms are important
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  • Some people may prefer the same gender, others may prefer the opposite sex. It is a possibility that one may be asexual also. It is a diverse, inclusive field that caters to each of the areas carefully.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, Chlamydia, Herpes, etc require proper knowledge. They will ensure the importance of using protection. Types of condoms, dental dams, hygiene before and after sex, and regular health checkups once one begins their sexual journey, are all vital to know.
STD  virus
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  • Birth control, pregnancy, and abortion require special attention. Their effect on the body and mental health requires proper details and facts. Unwanted pregnancies, the stigma attached to abortion or unsafe abortion, using incorrect contraceptive pills, and illegal use of the pill. These are all a result of a lack of sex education.
  • Laws and sexual rights, reproductive freedom, and understanding of abuse and exploitation, control the rise of crimes.

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What is the Best Way To End Sex Illiteracy?

Sex education is important to end sex illiteracy. However, many adults come to think of it as something that should be forbidden. They feel it will end the innocence of their child. What they fail to understand is that gaining knowledge and acting responsibly will not end innocence. But lack of wisdom can lead to knowledge from misinformed sources and illiteracy. As the saying goes ” Protection is better than cure.” Similarly, sex education is better than criminalities due to its absence of it.

Sex education is for all
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I am not saying teach contraception or sex methods to a 5-year-old. The disclosure should be as per mental development and curiosity. But it is extremely necessary for each person to have the correct understanding of one’s body and needs. Why feel shame about something natural?

Children have a creative and curious nature. As a parent scaring them or withdrawing sex education won’t help. They will have questions and will be willing to find answers on their own which can be dangerous. So, keep in mind that sex ed is important through parents as well as schools.

What was your age when you received sex education? Who gave you the knowledge and how?

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