Boots Are Still In Trend In 2022

While shopping, many of us tend to focus more on picking outfits. Shoe shopping always comes last, and most of the time, we do not devote enough time to choosing the perfect pair of shoes that complements our outfits. It’s absolutely mandatory for the fashionista to pick the right pair of shoes that add style quotient to your looks. Moreover, before the winter hits this year, it’s a great idea to embrace the trends and phase out some of the shoes that are out of fashion this year.

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These days, climate-conscious fashion lovers are more interested in repeating outfits rather than emptying their entire wallets by buying new outfits every day. So, replace your out-of-fashion boots with some staple wear, and you can increase the shelf life of your shoes.

If you are planning to upgrade your cupboard, we’ve got you covered! Find out about the styles slipping out of fashion and the newer, more fashionable ones they are being replaced with.

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Pointy Boots Are Out of Fashion

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Boots with a lesser surface area inside and tapered in the front are going out of season. This is because walking around in that pointy footwear is not easy. It hurts the toes and pressures the ankles. Especially after the pandemic, fashion without comfort has taken a back seat as most of us are looking for sustainable options that will not cause any extra efforts or toll on our health.

Switch Stiletto Heels With Tough and Resilient Boots

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Sky-high heels and stilettos have been out of fashion for quite some time. They are viewed not just as impractical but as an extravaganza. In the era of sustainable fashion, it would be attractive to go for something that matches the form and function. Check out the lace-up boots with the lug soles. They are tough, classy, and stylish as well.

Heavy and Chunky Winter Boots are Out

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The heavy and chunky winter boots that make your feet bloated are officially out of fashion. The chunky footwear is meant to keep your feet warm during winter, but you need something that is stylish and effective. The designers have come up with weather resistance boots that are no longer heavily padded, making you uncomfortable. The sleek and neutral designs are much smoother and make walking everywhere more comfortable.

Ditch the Flashy Colors

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Even though you wish to stand out in the crowd, wearing flashy-colored boots is over the top. Boots are inherently fashioned for classy looks; thus, vibrant colored boots are becoming out of fashion slowly. It is often regarded as a faux pas. Wearing neutral and basic colors is soberer and not overly fashioned that complements any outfit.

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Avoid the Slouchy Boots

Knee-high boots are probably the favorite trend of most women as they can pair them with miniskirts and oversized coats. A proper pair of boots lend a sense of polish to any outfit, but slouchy boots have become unpopular because they are unflattering to most women’s height and body construction. Instead of the high heeled vixen-boots, consider getting the stylish knee-height boots that make your body shape appear perfectly.

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The boot season is almost here! If you are excited about fall and winter fashion inspirations, these are some trends you may choose to follow. Although fashion is a personal choice, it is also about comfort rather than style. The most trending boots of 2021 have been the knee-high styles and the retro platforms of the 60s. The utilitarian lug soles with a modern edge have also been a favorite fashion choice of the editors since last year. Update your wardrobe this boot season with not just the trendiest but the sturdiest and most resilient boots.

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