The Big Bang Theory

10 Little-Known Facts About The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory entered our lives when physics and comic books were stringently reserved for nerds. In 2007 when the pilot of the show was launched, the original trilogy of X-Men had … Read More

Why if the funding scenario dismal for women in India?

Why Is the Funding Scenario Dismal For Women Entrepreneurs in India?

Going by studies, India is slated to become the world’s largest economy with a projected GDP of $13.7 billion by 2030. The Indian government is doing its best to boost … Read More


Dealing with death during pandemic

Dealing With Death and Grief in the Pandemic World

The Greek figure of Orpheus loved his wife dearly and could not imagine living a life without her presence in his life. When his wife died, he was inconsolable, his … Read More

A Still from Runaway Train

Revisiting Runaway Train-A Sinfully Underrated Gem

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”   – Jean-Luc Godard Along comes a film, sometimes, that is wrapped-wrapped within the gloss of a genre that it takes multiple … Read More

The best moments of Master of None

The Best Moments in the Master of None Series

With the release of Season 3 on May 23, we’ll rank some of the best episodes to the critically-acclaimed Netflix original, Master of None. This will not be a ranked … Read More

Talking about imposter syndrome

We Need to Talk About Imposter Syndrome

In the penultimate episode of the much-celebrated American mockumentary sitcom TV series, The Office, Pamela Beasley confronts her husband with tearful eyes and admits that she thinks she might not be … Read More

Online Thrifting

Sustainable Fashion on Instagram- Experience of a Thrift Store Owner

In the face of such a massive threat of global warming, it is a wonder that corporate giants still manipulate us into spending on things that not only cross a … Read More


Dealing With Coronasomnia

Let’s Be Blunt: I Have Coronasomnia I took my sleep for granted the past year. With the pandemic (and being a fresh graduate without an immediate job), I thought I could … Read More

The Big Bang Theory

10 Little-Known Facts About The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory entered our lives when physics and comic books were stringently reserved for nerds. In 2007 when the pilot of the show was launched, the original trilogy of X-Men had … Read More

Consequences of cyber bullying

Rape or Death Threats on Social Media Are Not Okay!

Under certain circumstances, your freedom of speech might be constituted as a crime. In the eyes of law, any form of a criminal threat is a severe offense. The verbal … Read More

20 years of Alaipayuthey

5 Reasons to Watch and Re-Watch Alaipayuthey

Mani Ratnam’s Alaipayuthey is a 2000 release Tamil film, which also marks the debut of Bollywood actor Madhavan. The film was later remade as Sakhi in Telugu and Saathiya in Hindi, which were huge commercial successes. … Read More

10 actors who came back after being rejected

10 Celebs Who Came Back Stronger After Being Rejected!

We all start from somewhere in our careers, and movie stars are no exception. The ones who light up the screen, too, had their days of struggle before they made … Read More

Women leadership

Why Don’t Women Consider Themselves as Born Leaders?

Women are born leaders. However, it takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to step out of the crowd and achieve a leadership position in the male-dominated leadership spaces. As … Read More

Taani and Rey's love story

Prince Charming and Angel’s Love Story

Taani and Rey are childhood friends. When Taani was one year old, her parents passed away. Since then, Rey’s parents raised Taani as their own daughter. In school, Rey always … Read More

Coming back to life with mindfulness

Full Moon in Scorpio

Feelings of anxiety, fear, trepidation, hopelessness. That’s what it is then; it’s the ‘full moon in Scorpio.’ It must be. Or could it be menopause? But why then did it … Read More

Why if the funding scenario dismal for women in India?

Why Is the Funding Scenario Dismal For Women Entrepreneurs in India?

Going by studies, India is slated to become the world’s largest economy with a projected GDP of $13.7 billion by 2030. The Indian government is doing its best to boost … Read More

Dealing with a Germphobia

Overcoming Germophobia in a Pandemic Burnout World

We all know how tough last year was. Tough is such an understatement! Confined to homes, with the ever-lingering fear of something minuscule yet potent from the outside! Well, at … Read More

Seven shows to watch on netflix

Seven TV Shows or Films You Should Watch If You Are Planning To Launch a Startup

Are you gearing up to be an entrepreneur and foray into the world of business? Well, everyone needs inspiration, and as millennials, we often derive those copious doses of inspiration … Read More

Talking racism in family

How To Stand Up Against Racism in Your Family?

Many people who remain away from the eye of the event might miss out on the impact of racism, especially in white-dominated countries. It might seem like something more than … Read More

Promoting diversity in workspace

Six Ways To Your Office More Gender Inclusive

Despite the consistent evidence that proves the connection and relation between inclusive and diverse workspace and performance and profitability, the entire world of business has been unsuccessful in leveling the … Read More

Woman eve teased in streets

Dumping the Trash

The inevitable had to happen, something I have been dreading for too long but knew was coming my way. Being harassed has been something that I have heard about and … Read More

How employment impacts mental health

How Employment Has a Significant Impact on the Mental Health of Women?

Arguably, one of the saddest truths of our society, even in present times, is that working women have to confront questions such as “You are not the breadwinner of the … Read More

Mindfulness and meditation can improve your personality

How Can Mindfulness and Gratitude Practicing Improve Your Behavioral Pattern and Personality?

In the Beginning It is amusing that while writing about how “practising” mindfulness and gratitude improve one’s behavioural pattern and personality, my mind drifts to my school days. Taking me … Read More

Planning to move in with your partner?

What To Ask Yourself Before Moving In With Your Partner?

Moving in with your partner is undoubtedly one of the significant milestones of a long-term relationship. It implies that you see a promising future with the person concerned and are … Read More

Celebrities face sexism

Seven Sexist Comments About Global Celebrities That Indians Can Relate To

Sexism is rampant. Everywhere in the world. Though movements like #MeToo and Times Up have sparked much-needed conversations around gender equality and sexism, it is unfortunate that even today, we … Read More

Self-discipline is self-love

Discipline Is the Highest Form of Self-Love

‘The first and the best victory is to conquer self.’ Plato The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the concept of self-discipline is to follow a rigorous … Read More

Emily in Paris review

10 Reasons to Watch Emily in Paris With Your Girls Gang!

If ‘Emily in Paris’ doesn’t ring a bell, well, you must be living under a rock! And if you are yet to catch it, we suggest you wait a little … Read More

Dealing with rejections

Persistence in the South Pacific

I don’t take rejections personally. I’ve applied for multiple internships and jobs in the last two years. I can’t remember how many virtual interviews I’ve participated in. I constantly applied … Read More

Salary negotiation male vs female

Why Are Women Reluctant in Negotiating Salary?

‘Far too many women are hesitant and remain trapped in jobs for which they are over-qualified or paid beneath their worth.’ – Janet Street Porter As the global dialogue around … Read More

Detect signs of toxic relationships

Toxic Relationships Are Like Quicksand: Be Aware Of The Signs!

You are born once, and you will live once. Life would be rocky, yet you must strive to be happy. End of the day, the only thing that matters is … Read More

The Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums – Highlighting Internalized Misogyny, One Begum at-a-Time!

In its heart, Bombay Begums is all things B. Bold, brave and beautiful? Well, more like – bashful, boring and blah! It’s sad to say that the only beautiful thing … Read More

Vinusha Four Seasons Pastry

What’s in the Age? This 10-Year-Old Pastry Brand Owner From Chennai Is Baking Some Storms!

What all do you recall your 10YO-self doing? It is most likely nothing beyond trying to dodge homework, extending the evening play hours, and waiting to get hold of the … Read More

OTT Platforms

Redefining the Term ‘Cine Goers’ With OTT Platforms

The term ‘Cine goers’ was derived from the word Cinema goers.  So who are the Cinema-goers?  Anyone who goes to Cinema?  Perhaps, (it’s the time to be inclusive) though I … Read More

Women leadership challenges

A Short List Of Challenges That Women Face At Work

A modern-day woman still struggles hard to strike off the work-life balance while trying to advance in the workplace. Although we have walked a long way acing through voting and … Read More

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

‘He who has health has hope; And he who has hope has everything.’ Amid our hectic and stressful lifestyle, getting proper sleep at night is of primary importance, and getting … Read More

The Naked Indian Woman, The Voices of the Unheard Daughter of India

The world is in a bit of turmoil. There is a lot of patriarchy to abolish and a little bit of common sense to instil within some people around us. … Read More

Masaba Masaba: The Reel Neena Gupta That Pushed Us To Celebrate What’s Real

Around three years ago, one fine day, veteran actor Neena Gupta decided to take to Twitter to shed off the hazy norms of how a celebrity should ideally behave on … Read More

Why Grammarly Is Your Saviour?

The Internet generation or “netizens” are fortunate to have many efficient tools out there to check their English grammatical mistakes. Grammarly, being the best one among those tools, is closely … Read More

Safe From Virus, But Not From Abuse!

“Stay home, stay safe!” – this is what the year 2020 is preaching us. Unfortunately, contrary to general perception, not everyone cooped within their homes is safe. No, we aren’t referring to the deadly coronavirus that has led human lives around the world to go for a toss! With so much already being spoken about this global pandemic, let’s throw some light on a relatively inconspicuous aspect, or rather, consequence, that this worldwide lockdown has given rise to domestic violence.

12 Easy Ways To Utilize Your Free Time During COVID Outbreak

With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, many of us have started working from home. If we’re still ‘complaining’ about the monotony we’re experiencing, it’s time to consider ourselves privileged … Read More

Thikana: A Day in Time Completely Lives Up To Its Name!

Thanks to the pandemic, our regular way of life has surely gone for a toss. Over the last few months, we’ve all had to adjust to the “new normal” in … Read More

Bengal – The Root of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I will not even dignify your thoughts by sharing how much we have done for our country and our society in general, as neither do I want to bring down anyone else’s efforts nor I am shallow enough to pay much heed to how dumb your opinions are. But these posts stating that we are the witches of the society makes me the happiest person, as that gets me closer to being a Hermione in Tagore’s world.

Hasmukh – A Dark Comedy That Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

If you expect ‘Hasmukh’ to tickle your funny bone just because of its title and Vir Das in the lead role, you’re in for a surprise. Far from comical, the … Read More

Coping With The Emotional Fallout During Social Distancing

As a means of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic with a heavy hand, governments across the world have mandated something that does not come very naturally to us: to stay … Read More

How Is Ventilator Splitter Quickening India’s Fight Against Covid-19?

Bill Gates, the tech tycoon, delivered a speech in Vancouver in 2015 at the TED conference. There, he mentioned that the world is completely unprepared to handle a looming danger … Read More

When Will Reality TVs Start Focusing On “Real” Issues?

Are you the type that likes to binge-watch their favorite series on weekends? Or, do you belong to the category that prefers to unwind with copious doses of “reality” shows? … Read More

Netflix’s She Is Not Your Regular Imtiaz Ali Content!

There is a little bit of voyeurism in all of us and I believe something sparked in me when I started watching ‘She’. Have you ever been in love with … Read More

Meet The Top 5 Indian Women Vloggers Of 2019

Being a vlogger is no child’s play. Contrary to the popular idea, that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can rise to fame overnight by uploading a good-looking video of oneself, … Read More

Relationship Apps: Boon or Bane?

Or maybe a bit of both? It is the digital era -whether for the good or bad is a different argument altogether. However, if we pick just one little aspect … Read More

A Little Late with Lilly Singh Show

A Little Late With Lilly Singh: The Superwoman Soars High With NBC Late-night Show

The year was 2016, and with the abated breath, I was texting my friend that Lilly Singh was about to perform at the fanfest. I lost all cool and even … Read More

HBO’s Big Little Lies Season 2 Was a Giant Disappointment!

The trailer did no justice to what Big Little Lies 2 was all about. I waited with bated breath to watch the whole series all at once, and so I … Read More

How to hook your audience in your writing?

How To Hook Your Readers In Your Writing?

Here are a few essential tips which will help a writer to reach his or her audience in a much more successful way.

Aspiring to be a screenwriter?

Aspiring To Be A Screenwriter? Enroll Yourself at Indian Screen Writer’s Association

A Trade Union in India, the Screenwriter’s Association (SWA) comprises screenwriters and lyricists who work for films, TV, and digital media. Writers must register their work with SWA. Besides, writers, … Read More

Do You Want to Transform Your Personal Blog Into a Profitable Blog?

Writing is easy, but quality writing isn’t. If you want to transform your hobby into a full-time earning opportunity, you need to perform some groundwork. Excellent writing doesn’t happen overnight. … Read More

How to Improve Your Team Efficiency Using Google Collaboration Tools?

Google applications have made it much easier for organizations located at various places to collaborate and work together. From keeping track of ongoing projects to sharing feedbacks, Google collaboration tools … Read More

How to Help Your Friend During a Panic Attack or Anxiety?

The Internet is replete with articles and stories about sufferers of anxiety or panic disorders. You will also come across numerous ways of dealing with such conditions, though most of … Read More

Six Easy Steps to Become A Micro-influencer

Influencer marketing is not a new term; celebrities are the most prominent examples of social media influencing. Their claims, comments or remarks, or the hashtags they use, are as effective … Read More

What is the Difference Between Gay and Queer?

You like it, or you hate it, you cannot ignore it- the time has finally come for the LGBTQ community to assert and exert its rights. We are living in … Read More

Influencer marketing tips

How to Boost Your Business and Create Brand Awareness With Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is taking the world by storm since 2017, and around 87 per cent of marketers have shown interest in launching influencer marketing campaign at least a single since … Read More

Netflix show Leila

Deepa Mehta’s Leila: The Indian ‘Black Mirror’ Will Leave You Perplexed!

It is only in very recent times that the people of the world are coming to terms with the first blows of the catastrophic predictions of the likes of Nostradamus. … Read More

Song trends of Bollywood

The Fading Trend of Lip-sync Songs in Bollywood

Since times immemorial, the Hindi film industry, or Bollywood, as it is commonly referred to, has given us numerous famous actor-singer duos. Think of Raj Kapoor-Mukesh, Rajesh Khanna-Kishore Kumar, Amitabh … Read More