Pop Culture

Shania Twain

The Legacy of Shania Twain

“I believe that every great leader of their destiny is fearless. There is no other … Read More

Kim Kardashian

All The Times Kim Kardashian Has Rocked Fashion On Red Carpet

Who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian, the woman who slayed fashion with her confidence and style? … Read More


Only Murders In The Building

As someone who has invested time and money to set up a podcast channel, I … Read More

John Wick film

John Wick (2014): Economy in Storytelling

John Wick is one of the most sensational movies of the time. Keanu Reaves, in 90 minutes shows what most movies cannot in 2-3 hours.

Feminist Movies

Did These Popular Feminist Movies Do Well?

The world, at this moment, is witnessing the fourth wave of feminism. While others have … Read More

Fashion & Beauty

Makeup Brushes

Best Makeup Brushes For Beginners

“Makeup brushes are magic wands for girls.” No matter how many branded products you buy, … Read More

Primers and Setting Powders

Best Primers and Setting Powders For A Smooth Makeup

Primers help establish the perfect canvas for other makeup products to sit while setting powders … Read More

Culprit Underwear

Are Culprit Lady Boxers Worth The Price?

Boxer briefs are wardrobe essentials for trans and non-binary folks. While the bikini underwears are … Read More

Nars Vs Urban Decay

NARS Cosmetics Vs Urban Decay – Which Is The Best?

NARS Cosmetics and Urban Decay are two of the well-renowned names in the cosmetic world. … Read More

Eye shadow and eye liner

How To Avoid Creasing of Your Eyeshadows?

Eye makeup is never complete without a dash of color on the eyelid and dark … Read More

Review Corner


7 Reasons To Add Netflix’s Maid to Your Watchlist

Although Netflix has been losing its users over the past few months, it has never … Read More

Korean Dramas

14 Most Popular Korean Dramas of 2022 (Ranked as per IMDB)

It is no surprise that K-dramas are the hot cakes in the entertainment world due … Read More


Simon Leviev – The Tinder Swindler

Disney movies have set expectations for relationships and love stories. Girl meets boy, they fall … Read More


Recurrence Is ‘Not’ Worth The Watch?

The film Recurrence revolves around the murder of a 16-year-old girl Samantha Sosa. It is … Read More

Hunter Moore

Hunter Moore: The Most Hated Man On The Internet

My heart is pounding as I write this article on Netflix’s documentary The Most Hated … Read More

Everyday Feminism

Charlotte Laws

Charlotte Laws: The Woman Who Fought Against Hunter Moore

Free The Nipple Movement

Celebrities Who Celebrate Free the Nipple Movement

Free The Nipple Movement

What Is ‘Free the Nipple’ Movement?

Going braless

Know This Before Going Braless


Did You Know About The Fear Of Men?

Sex & Sexuality

Know Your Sexual Orientation

How Can You Be Sure of Your Sexual Orientation if You Are Not Sexually Active?

When it comes to sexual orientation, many people get confused about gender identity and sexual … Read More

Sex Education

Why Sex Education Is Important In Schools?

Sex Education should be a compulsion in schools. All the hushes about sex are because … Read More

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Has Come Out as Non-Binary: What Does It Mean?

In May 2021, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to come out as non-binary. The singer … Read More

Pride month celebration

Kay Beauty By Katrina Kaif Celebrates The Pride Month

Everyone is well aware of Katrina Kaif’s humanitarian works. This June, with pride month, she … Read More

Mental Health

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: Friend or Foe of Mental Well-being?

Metaverse, 3.0, and blockchain are hot topics of discussion among people. We are transitioning into … Read More

Winter Depression

Winter SAD-ness is a Real Thing!

“Winter is coming” – A famous line from Game of Thrones that also metaphorically stands … Read More

End Comfort Zone

Why Comfort Zone is Double Trouble?

People keep searching for security, safety, comfort, and validation in everything and anything they do. … Read More


The Thin Line Between Self-love and Narcissism

By definition ”narcissism” is the habit of admiring oneself ”too much.” But, most of us … Read More