Safe From Virus, But Not From Abuse!

“Stay home, stay safe!” – this is what the year 2020 is preaching us. Unfortunately, contrary to general perception, not everyone cooped within their homes is safe. No, we aren’t referring to the deadly coronavirus that has led human lives around the world to go for a toss! With so much already being spoken about this global pandemic, let’s throw some light on a relatively inconspicuous aspect, or rather, consequence, that this worldwide lockdown has given rise to domestic violence.

Bengal – The Root of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I will not even dignify your thoughts by sharing how much we have done for our country and our society in general, as neither do I want to bring down anyone else’s efforts nor I am shallow enough to pay much heed to how dumb your opinions are. But these posts stating that we are the witches of the society makes me the happiest person, as that gets me closer to being a Hermione in Tagore’s world.