Everything You Need To Know About The Chanel Heart Bags

Published: November 11, 2022

As soon as Chanel featured their heart bags on Spring/Summer 2022 runway, they became an international crush. The ever-fashionable love shape is irresistible and immediately melts your heart. Naturally, women all across the globe are going gaga over them. The roar is only getting louder and louder with each passing day. But given the huge price tags, is that reason alone enough to take a blind leap at the first chance to grab a Chanel heart bag for yourself? Let’s get more personal with these bags and determine whether they deserve a place in your collection.

Wondering why people are ready to splash so much money on these bags instead of looking for cheaper alternatives? Well, emotion is a big driving factor. 

The Brand Craze

The Brand Craze
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Chanel has been the embodiment of French elegance ever since its establishment in 1910. The brand has a rich history and a huge global presence. From Sex and the City to Emily in Paris, there are numerous popular shows where creators have relied on Chanel accessories to mirror the opulent fashion of their on-screen characters. Chanel bags have also been the catalyst for many other brands. Therefore, owning a Chanel product is a big style statement. And if it’s a sought-after piece like the Chanel heart bag, it gains even more value.

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Chanel Heart Bags Strike The Nostalgic Element

The Final Verdict
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We all know that the cutesy heart shape is the most appealing aspect of these bags. So, when you had to wait for more than 25 years for Chanel to launch another heart-shaped bag, that is bound to create a lot of craze among loyal fans. For those unaware, Chanel had their first heart bags back in 1995. They were designed by Karl Lagerfield and were a 90’s sensation. Their latest Chanel Heart bags are successors of those vintage beauties. They also have the iconic front flap which reminds you of the jaw-dropping Chanel flap bags. 

Chanel Heart Bags Sizes and Pricing 

Chanel Heart Bags Sizes and Pricing 
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Chanel heart bags are luxury accessories and should be treated like one. They are not to be confused with other average spacious bags. If you are a person who prefers to carry your essentials in tiny shapes and sizes, these bags are perfect for you. As far as these bags’ prices in 2022 are concerned, that would depend on which one you buy. There are 4 sizes and 5 style options available for you. 

  • Chanel Large Heart bag- This is the only one that can fit an iPhone and can be categorized as a handbag. The dimensions are 6.4” × 7” × 2.5” and it costs around $5,500.
  • Chanel Mini (or Small) Heart Bag- Also called the Heart Clutch with a Chain, this mini version comes at a size of 4.7” × 5.1” × 2.1”. It is priced at $3,400.
  • CC In Love Heart Belt Bag – The belt bag has measurements of 4.5″ x 4″ x 1.5″ and a value of around $3,075. 
  • Chanel Arm Coin Purse (Wristlet) – This bag costs around $1,925 and has the dimensions 3.1″ x 3.3″ x 2.1″ 
  • Wallet on Chain Heart bag (Necklace)- It has a size similar to the wristlet and comes at a price of $2,625. 

Please note that the costs are subject to changes. Also, not all of them are now available, so you must periodically check their websites. 

Why Should You Buy Chanel Heart Bags? 

Let’s face it. Not everyone is a Chanel fan nor do they have the luxury of buying things without carefully weighing their pros and cons. Thankfully, these bags are not limited to their brand name or intended to just take you down the memory of classic bag lanes. 

Purchasing these bags have many benefits, including financial ones. Oh yes, you have heard it right. Here’s why Chanel heart bags are worth it.

These Bags Are A Pleasure To The Eyes

These Bags Are A Pleasure To The Eyes
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These bags are stunning and exude a playful vibe to make your heart sing. Every single detail is expertly crafted, from the stunning CC logos in the center to the tiny ones on the zipper and both sides. The chain is super sparkly and catches the light really well even in low lighting. The quality of the lambskin is great and also feels good on your skin. The zip line is smooth and ensures you a good experience. There is a front pocket as well as the classic Mona Lisa back pocket for easy access to items.

You Can Incorporate Them In Various Styles

You Can Incorporate Them In Various Styles
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Chanel Heart bags are adaptable and can be styled with various outfits. Be it casual comfy attire or dressy florals, these bags will complement most looks. For instance, you can create a simple but attractive look by pairing the Chanel Heart arm coin purse with a basic white shirt and a pair of blue trousers. Then you may go for a more classy layered impression by wearing the Chanel heart necklace with the mini bag or the large size. 

They also come in many gorgeous shades like purple, pink, etc., and can be used to up the popping effect. However, if you want maximum versatility, go for the black and gold combo. These bags are also very easy to carry because of how lightweight they are.

The Chanel Heart Bags Are Great Investment Pieces

The Chanel Heart Bags Are Great Investment Pieces

Ok, let me say out loud; there are many who invest in a Chanel heart bag due to its high resale value and you can too. Pre-owned bags were kind of a taboo in the past but now with changing times, people have become more accepting of second-hand options. Moreover, the prices of Chanel bags are only going higher. Just take a look at this Chanel Pre-Owned 1995 CC Heart Vanity Bag at Farfetch. It costs a whopping £37,646. So if you are looking for an investment bag that can retain its value, put your bet on the Chanel Heart bags. 

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The Final Verdict – Chanel Heart Bags Are The Perfect Eye-Candy Bags

Chanel Heart Bags
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Chanel heart bags have faced some criticism for being too girly and juvenile. I believe it’s a personal choice. This is because while some thought them to be too childish for their age, there are many who have been flaunting these bags expertly with every look. As for me, I think they are extremely pretty all-rounder bags and can make a great purchase. Even if you get bored of the too-feminine vibe after a certain time, you can always put your CC bag for sale and give it a new lease on life. I can assure you no shortage of suitors if yours is a decent piece. 


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