Are Culprit Lady Boxers Worth The Price?

Published: August 8, 2022

Boxer briefs are wardrobe essentials for trans and non-binary folks. While the bikini underwears are too sexy with lace or cheeky cuts, the boyshorts often appear shorter and tends to roll up on larger bodies. Many women love boxer briefs that allow them extra coverage without chafing or wedgies. It is, after all, the first thing you put on your body and the last thing you take off. If you are hunting for the perfect underwear that allows you to be truly neutral in the presentation, you may consider the Culprit lady boxers.

About The Brand Culprit Underwear

Culprit underwear is a California-based brand that offers boxers for men and women. The unique boxers were designed keeping in mind the shortcomings of the underwear, including moisture retention or poor breathability that makes it uncomfortable for both males and females.

Models in Culprit Underwear
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They believe that the users shouldn’t wear underwear because they have to; it’s because they feel great about it. The company is eco-friendly and vertically integrated on a mission to lower carbon footprint with the production of each boxer. This makes the brand highly conscious of quality control and safety. But there are other reasons which make them stand apart from the rest.

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We’ve tried them out; check out our culprit lady boxers review:

Neither Too Tight nor Rolls Up

All sizes avialable
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The Culprit lady boxers are ultra-breathable. They are 95% micro-modal stretch fabric, making them easier to wear throughout the day. Ranging from extra small to double large sizes, these boxers are neither too tight nor roll up or squeeze the body parts uncomfortably.

Underwear Made of Sustainable Material

Sustainable Fabric
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The Culprit lady boxers are made of natural micro modal that is derived from the beech trees. The micro modal has a rayon base with cellulose that is extracted from sustainable beech trees. This, the micro modal fabric is softer, water-absorbant, and more durable than any other fibers available.

Designed for Fun

American Boxers
via Culprit Underwear

Whether you are planning a sexy date or a casual dinner ride, the unique designs and artworks make them fit everywhere. Try out the team America boxers or twin with your partner in a Jurassic Western or Monkey Business. It’s a fashion statement to wear these undies in your bedroom. There are also solid colors for those who don’t like it too funky or aren’t excited about shopping for underwear from women’s sections.

Extra Coverage Than Underwear

Culprit Underwear
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The mid-waist culprit lady boxers allow far more coverage than regular underwear. The best part is that you can wear them under any skirts or dresses for extra coverage from hip to mid-thigh. The ultra-breathable and stretchy fabric makes it an excellent alternative for coverage that is also comfortable.

The Mix N’ Match Subscription

Subscription offer of 25%
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The Mix n’ Match subscription allows the shoppers to save at least 25% on each pair and get their underwear shipped into their house every month. If you are a frequent buyer, this could be a great option to save on your cute boxers and have a new pair ready for every month.

Wear Them as You Like

Culprit Underwear
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The best part of wearing the Culprit boxers is there’s no way you can go wrong about it. Whether you like the waistband high or low, you can wear them under your clothing and on their own, making them your ultimate go-to option on a lounging day.

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Should You Buy Culprit Lady Boxers?

Culprit Underwear
via Culprit Underwear

Culprit lady boxers are worth your investment because it offers you the best underwear you’ve been longing for. From loose, breathable fabrics to stretchiness, it offers a series of desirable features that makes women want to roll on it throughout the day. Although the price may seem high initially, it’s an asset worth the investment.


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