10 Reasons to Watch Emily in Paris With Your Girls Gang!

Published: April 7, 2021

If ‘Emily in Paris’ doesn’t ring a bell, well, you must be living under a rock! And if you are yet to catch it, we suggest you wait a little longer, for the show should best be saved for the holiday season ahead! We don’t want to spill the beans for you, but let’s just say it is not only one of the most watchable shows streaming on Netflix right now but has the perfect blend of all holiday-like elements that is every bit binge-worthy! Read on to discover how!

Holiday Means Travelling

The show starts with a dream job, when Emily’s boss at Savoir, a Chicago marketing firm, has to let go of an opportunity to move to the company’s Paris office owing to her pregnancy. She sends Emily instead, who gladly takes on the assignment of a lifetime, keen to incorporate an American perspective to how things work at the Paris office. Besides the professional angle, of course, there’s the much-obvious theme of travel, as Emily leaps at the chance of a lifetime to travel to another part of the world to experience the ever-so-celebrated city of Paris. So many of us must have dreamt of being in Paris, touted as the most romantic city in the world, for Christmas!

Fashion, Fashion, and Some More Fashion!

Fashion-Emily in Paris

What better time than the holiday season to take your wardrobe up a notch! ‘Emily in Paris,’ with its titular character, throws some massive fashion inspiration for your outfit choices. The sartorial aspect of the show makes it such a visual delight! You’ll love to put together some stunning ensembles à la Emily style for the dinners and parties coming up! Emily’s eclectic, out-of-the-box pieces are sure to give you some fantastic style cues. If not anything else, at least it will lift you out of the quarantine slumps. 

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Hotness Alert for the Singletons Out There!

Single and alone during the holidays? Imagine the perfect fictional French boyfriend! We know it sucks to not have a date for Christmas, but the show will surely make you go all drooling and dreamy-eyed! While Emily dates quite a few men in the French capital, the one who made her (and us!) go weak in the knees is Gabriel. Give the show a watch, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Be it that dreamy accent or that killer half-smile, ‘Emily in Paris’ will surely raise the bar for your Mr. Perfect!

Full of Eye Candy

The beautiful actors (Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Ashley Park, and so on), the picturesque locations, and the trendy outfits make every moment of the show a visual treat. Those gorgeous shots of the city’s avenues, boulevards, and cafes are a treat for those of us starved for international travel. We can’t blame Emily, honestly; almost every other moment of her life seemed to be Insta-worthy! Why not take a virtual journey of the City of Lights, swoon at the gorgeous wardrobe Emily flaunts, and let your heart skip a beat every time Gabriel gives that look? 


Ideal Escapist Confection During the Dark Time!

In a year that has been particularly harsh to the entire world, it can be an incredibly cathartic experience to watch Emily’s charming life unfold. As she struts about the city in cute berets, chic outfits, and high heels, we can’t help but wish we were living her life! Perhaps that’s about as touristy as you can get amidst the pandemic.

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Reminds Us of the Joy of Friendship

Lily Collins in Emily in Paris

Holidays are incomplete without a sense of companionship and togetherness, right? Well, the show gives you oodles of it! Besides the boy drama, it treats you to some heartwarming tales of friendship and girl bonding. As Emily makes new friends in the city without even speaking French, we are reminded of how connecting with a bosom buddy can make life so much better.

Inspiring Through Its Little Bursts Of Positivity

Emily in Paris is an eye candy
via Flare

Amidst the challenges and struggles of COVID we’ve all been dealing with, ‘Emily in Paris’ comes as a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s too good to be true, at times almost annoyingly optimistic, but who needs more grimness, especially with the holidays around the corner. Light, stylish, fun, yet intriguing, ‘Emily in Paris’ is the perfect show to let you sit back and relax. We see how Emily never gives up on Paris even when things go wrong. Whether it’s office politics, her shower going amok, or stepping on dog poop (and numerous such funny instances), Emily never loses her never-say-die spirit. And that’s the perfect note to end a year that’s as-imperfect-as-it-can-get with.
To sum it up, the show is a lot like the mouthful of pain au chocolat Emily bites into!

Be it a low-key date night or a ‘pajama party with your girlfriends, this 10-episode first season of the show is a perfect watch to get into the holiday mood during the lockdown!

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