Sydney Brooke Simpson: Where Is O.J. Simpson’s Daughter Now?

Published: February 1, 2023

You have heard about “The Trial of the Century” right? The murder case that saw ex-NFL player O.J. Simpson, aka ‘Juice’ accused of killing his former wife. Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were murdered brutally. But the much-publicized event shook a lot of individuals associated with them. O.J. Simpson’s and Nicole’s daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson is high up on that list. She endured deep mental bruises at a tender age and over the years, kept herself away from the spotlight. She even had to use a fake name Portia to escape unnecessary attention. Thankfully, with a decent business career and family support, Sydney Brooke Simpson is at a much better place in her life now.

Sydney Brooke Simpson – Childhood

Sydney Brooke Simpson - Childhood
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Sydney was born on October 17, 1985, in the USA. That makes her presently 37 years. She is the daughter of the former footballer, actor, and broadcaster Orenthal James Simpson and his late ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. The star kid had a difficult childhood. Sydney lost her mother in 1994 when she was just 9 years. And also had to accept the fact that her father was probably behind the murder. There was also a long custody battle between the two families which O.J. won. 

On the educational front, Sydney completed high school at Gulliver Academy. Following that, she went to Boston University. She studied Sociology and got her Bachelor’s degree in 2010. 

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Nicole Brown Was In An Abusive Relationship With Ex-Husband O.J. Simpson

Nicole Brown Was In An Abusive Relationship With Ex-Husband O.J. Simpson
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Sydney’s mother met the father of her children in 1977. She was 18 and was a waitress at a private club named Daisy. O.J. was married to his first wife Marguerite Whitley at that time. They divorced in 1979 and after around 6 years, he married Nicole on February 2, 1985. Sadly, her conjugal life turned out to be the very definition of “domestic abuse”. 

There were reports of Simpson breaking her hand during a fight. Initially, Nicole defended her man. But when the beatings didn’t stop, she filed for divorce on February 25, 1992. The reason stated was “irreconcilable differences”. But her sufferings continued in the form of harassment by O.J. who wanted her back in his life. He reportedly threatened to kill her if he discovered her with any other man. Nicole considered living at a women’s shelter and telephoned Sojourn on June 8, 1994. But her worst fears came true a few days later on June 12. 

What Happened At The Murder Trial of O. J. Simpson?

What Happened At The Murder Trial of O. J. Simpson?
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When the world saw Sydney’s mother lying in her pool of blood at her house along with her friend Ronald Goldman, everyone pointed fingers at Simpson. O.J. hired the top-level “Defence Team”. The opposition had a strong case. But the members of Simpson’s team managed to convince the jury of a “not guilty” verdict. Apparently, it was based on reasonable doubt regarding the DNA evidence. The blood sample was allegedly mishandled by the technicians and scientists. 

O. J. Simpson did get 33 years (minimum of 9 years) imprisonment sentence later on robbery charges. And was also deemed responsible for the deaths. He went to jail in 2008 but got early release from parole on October 1, 2017. 

Does Sydney Brooke Simpson Have Siblings?

Does Sydney Brooke Simpson Have Siblings?
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Sydney was not alone in her childhood trauma. Her brother Justin Ryan Simpson went through the same pain. O. J. Simpson and Nicole Brown’s son was just 7 when the tragedy happened. What’s more heartbreaking is the siblings got separated for a while during the custody fight. Sydney also has 2 half-siblings. They are Arnelle Simpson and Jason Simpson from her father’s first marriage. There was another sister too but sadly Aaren Simpson died just days prior to her 2nd birthday in 1979. 

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Personal Life And Career- How Is Sydney Doing In Her Life Now? 

Personal Life And Career- How Is Sydney Doing In Her Life Now? 
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After her studies, Sydney relocated to Atlanta and worked as an events coordinator at Canoe. She presently owns Simpsy Properties LLC which she established in 2014. It is a real estate company that rents houses in Florida. Sydney has 3 properties along with an eatery. Her net worth is thought to be around 10 thousand dollars. Her brother Justin shares the business responsibilities with her. 

Sydney Brooke Simpson has always been low-key in her private life. But the media discovered her relationship with Stuart Alexander between 2007 to 2012. Post that breakup, she was rumored to be with real estate investor and former city council candidate Robert Blackmon. He denied the news though stating “She’s a good friend of mine”. O.J. Simpson’s daughter is believed to be currently single. 

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