10 Empowering Moments From Sex Education

Published: September 6, 2022

Sex Education is probably one of the most progressive shows on Netflix that deals with multiple complex issues strung together in a beautiful plot. Although the show revolves mainly around Otis Milburn, the son of Jean and Remi Milburn, who are both sex therapists, throughout the show, we see a range of evolving characters navigating through confusions about body image and sexuality as teenage is all about raging hormones. The show might eventually emerge as a teenager’s bible as we bet none of the schools will ever have a parent like Jean Milburn.

Although the entire show is relatable, there are some moments when the characters not only empowered themselves but also taught us some vital life lessons. Here are the most empowering moments from Sex Education Season 3:

Lily Iglehart Kissed Ola Nyman

Lily Iglehart Kissed Ola Nyman
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Lily Iglehart seemed a creepy weirdo in the first season of Sex Education, who was under tremendous pressure to lose her virginity. When Ola Nyman kisses her for the first time, she seems confused and starts avoiding her, breaking their friendship. But, eventually, Lily realizes she has feelings for Ola, and she kisses her. She also tells her that she wants Ola to be more than just friends. The moment we feel happy for Lily, she finds someone who appreciates her for being herself.

The Moordale Girls Bonded Over Aimee’s Assault

The Moordale Girls Bonded Over Aimee's Assault
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When Maeve, Ola, Lily, Olivia, and Vivienne sit together in detention, Aimee suddenly has a breakdown over the anxiety she has been experiencing after a random guy assaulted her on the bus. All the girls come together to share their daily experiences to make her feelings valid. Not only do they come together to support her emotionally, but they also gather at the bus stop the next day to help Aimee board the bus. The sequence is one of the most loved parts of the show, as it talks about resilience and fighting back together.

Jean Milburn Explained Asexuality To Florence

When Florence and Jackson come together to perform in the play, Florence suddenly feels impending pressure to have sex. She starts feeling confused and like an outcast because she doesn’t want to have sex with anybody. The scene where Jean Milburn explains asexuality to Florence is one of the most empowering moments of Sex Education. She says, ‘sex doesn’t make us whole, so how can you be broken?’

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Ola Explained Pansexuality To Adam

Ola Explained Pansexuality To Adam
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After dating Otis for a long time since season 2, Ola feels confused when she repeatedly dreams of kissing Lily. She even tries to brush it off, but it keeps coming back in her dreams. After kissing Lily in real life and encountering her true feelings, Ola realizes that she is pansexual, and she opens up about it to Adam, who has no clue about the term. Ola beautifully explains to him what it means to be a pansexual.

Michael Groff Learned To Be Happy

When Jean Milburn talks to Michael Groff about his personal life, he revisits his childhood memory only to realize his brother and father have bullied him. But, he learns to do things that fill his heart with happiness. He starts cooking and feels happy from the inside. At the moment, we cannot help rooting for the poor soul who has been suffering silently over the years.

Jackson’s Breakdown

Jackson's Breakdown
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Jackson Marchetti has tried hard to navigate through the performance pressure in school since the first season of Sex Education. But the bottled-up emotions make him anxious and broken until he can’t bear it anymore. At Otis’s party, he suddenly breaks down to Vivian, who not only stays there to support him but goes out of her way to escalate the issue at Jackson’s home. The moment we rooted for Jackson and felt it was long due.

The Students Stood For Jean Milburn

When headmaster Michael Groff accuses Jean Milburn of the mayhem in Moordale, all the students who took advice from her stand up in her support, revealing their confidential issues in public and how Jean helped them to form a healthy relationship with their bodies and cope with their sexual problems.

Jackson Bonded With His Mother

Jackson Bonded With His Mother
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On their way to see the therapist, Jackson outbursts at his mothers for their constant fights and asks them to get a divorce. However, he then walks up to her and has a heart-to-heart conversation, apologizing sincerely for what he said and saying that he never meant it. Jackson also admits that he loved swimming because he used to spend time with his mother, and now he no longer wants it because of the performance pressure. Eventually, his mother realizes the problem, and their relationship improves.

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Eric Confronted His Mother

When Eric visits his grandmother for a wedding in Nigeria, he discovers his mother has been lying about his father’s profession and tells him to conceal the fact that he is gay. Although he unwillingly accepts whatever his mother tells him to do, he confronts her after the wedding night and breaks down into tears. His mother then admits that it was the easiest option to lie than reveal the truth; one day, she might gain the courage to speak out the truth. The mother and son bonding after the confrontation is yet another powerful scene of Sex Education.

Adam Groff’s Dog Show

Adam Groff's Dog Show
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One of the main characters of Sex Education, Adam Groff, suffers a lot emotionally for being an introvert. But in season 3, he tries hard to open up and discover who he really is and his interests. Throughout the show, he is portrayed as a dog lover who is deeply connected with his dog Madam. Although they do not win the competition, it is a delightful scene to see Adam participate in the dog show and proudly present Madam to the world. The moment when Madam completes the activities, he flaunts a satisfying smile like a real pet parent.


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