Lauren Chandiram: Who is Robert James-Collier’s Wife?

Published: October 26, 2022

Dating a known face leaves you vulnerable in the spotlight. Some feed on the newly received attention and happily share their tales with the public. Then there are others who despite all the focus on them find a way to keep their private life hush-hush. Looks like Lauren Chandiram, the wife of British actor Robert James-Collier from Downton Abbey and Coronation Street, falls in the second category. I do, however, know a few things that can give you a sneak peek into her life. So, if you are looking to know Lauren Chandiram a little better, you are in the right place. 

Who is Lauren Chandiram? 

Who is Lauren Chandiram? 
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Robert James-Collier’s wife, Lauren Chandiram is a British citizen and was born in London, United Kingdom. Although there is no concrete data available on her date of birth, some media outlets claim Lauren’s birthday to be on 20th November 1985. Based on that, she is currently 37 years and belongs to the Scorpio sunshine. Her ethnicity is white caucasian and she practices Christianity. As for her family background, she has always been secretive, so there isn’t any news floating around about her parents, or siblings. 

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Lauren Chandiram and Robert James-Collier

The world came to know that Lauren and Robert are a pair at a red carpet event in 2007. And, given her private nature, we can’t dismiss the possibility that they were quietly seeing each other long before that. Even if it’s not the case, 15 years of holding each other’s hand are enough proof of commendable commitment, especially in an era when breakups are commonplace. 

However, there is one interesting twist in their relationship. Not only do we have no clue how their love blossomed but there is also no information regarding their marriage. It is assumed that they are husband and wife because of how they conduct themselves in public. This however doesn’t change the fact that the two are adorable together and are giving us some major couple goals. 

The Couple Has a Son Milo

Milo James-Collier completes the loving family of Lauren and Robert. I understand you want to know about the son of this gorgeous duo. But the couple has maintained their silence and shares no details about him with the media. The sole piece of knowledge that is circulating regarding their child is that the boy was born in 2010. With Milo soon-to-be a teenager, maybe we should wait for him to grow a few more years and come forward himself. 

Robert James-Collier Did Not Get His Dream Hollywood Career

Robert James-Collier Did Not Get His Dream Hollywood Career
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You may argue that Robert James-Collier has had a good career so far and there is surely enough time for him to do more. But, not everyone might share that opinion. What’s surprising is Robert himself is in the latter league. 

As per his 2017 interview with Radio Times, he feels that playing the dark gay character Thomas in Downton Abbey prevented him from enjoying Hollywood success. He believes the roles played by his costars are “more easily transferable” whereas his “can lead to typecasting”. This thought may have stemmed from the fact that he mostly received offers for similar roles when he was clearly in search of something different. We certainly hope that Robert gets his dream opportunity soon. 

Lauren Chandiram Is a Fashionista

We may not know too much about her personal life but what we can surely guess is that Lauren has a great sense of fashion. In fact, she also has a fondness for high-end clothing. If you are wondering what led to such an assumption, then you should google the photos from the 2019 premier event of the Downton Abbey movie. Lauren was donning a Monse gown with an asymmetric hem and looked stunning. 

There is a buzz that the lady was approached by many agencies for a modeling career but her love for privacy weighed more than her desire for glamor. Whether Lauren ever wanted to be a model or not is another thing, but she looks every bit like one. Her attractive physique and that 6 ft 2-inch height can make any woman jealous. Oh yes, she is that tall. 

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She Had a Business Career Before Robert Happened

She Had a Business Career Before Robert Happened
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Lauren Chandiram was a businesswoman and owned a clothing store in U.K Buckinghamshire before meeting the man of her dreams in Robert James-Collier. Some even believed that she aspired to have a fashion boutique in her name. However, ever since Robert entered her life, we didn’t hear anything about her ambitions. It may have been a conscious decision on her part to take a step back as far as her career is concerned. And, even if she is involved in something, she has successfully managed to keep us in the dark once again. 

Lauren Chandiram is a private person. You won’t even find her on social media. If she wants a peaceful life away from the limelight, we must respect that. But, Lauren, if you are listening, we would love to get some more glimpses of the diva in you. 


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