Cody Herpin: Unknown Facts About Jodie Sweetin’s Ex

Published: October 1, 2022

Having her fair share of the spotlight from the early years, Jodie Sweetin is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Many of you might also recognize her from the days of Fuller House, Netflix’s hit American sitcom. Do you remember Cody Herpin? I understand that you are aware that he was the second husband of Jodie Sweetin. But how many of you know him, like really well? I hardly see any hands getting raised now and that’s what I expected. Unfortunately, Cody Herpin’s identity is mostly limited to Jodie Sweetin’s ex. So, for once, let’s check out his story.

The World of Movies is Not Foreign to Cody Herpin

Cody Herpin
via Bio Gossip

Movies and Cody have an old bond. Resident Evil: Extinction, Unearthed, Krews, American Cowslip, and Ladron que roba a lardon, specifically. You may be a little surprised right now. Wait, the next bit of information will soothe your curiosity. 

Cody started his career as a full-time American transportation coordinator. After that, he made the decision to employ his real-world knowledge and talent in a more effective manner. And guess what? He worked in the above-mentioned movies and in many more in the department of transportation. 

His contribution to films is not restricted to that though. For instance, he was a lead man in Safe Harbour and a set dresser in Trust Me. He may have never been to the forefront unlike his ex-wife but he made his impact on the movies in his own way. Now you know why he is not a well-known TV face despite being associated with several projects.

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Cody Herpin and Jodie Sweetin’s Tale Had A Las Vegas Connection

Cody Herpin and Jodie Sweetin
via Hollywood

I know I began the article with the intention to disassociate the persona of Cody from being Jodie’s ex. But she is after all a significant element of his life story. So, to know Cody Herpin, references to her are inevitable. 

Codie Herpin and Jodie Sweetin’s marriage was a Las Vegas union. They tied the knot on July 14th, 2007 after 2 months of courtship. The venue was the Church of the West on the famous strip. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be a happily ever after. They went their separate ways after 3 years of togetherness in 2010. 

Why Did Cody Herpin and Jodie Sweetin Get A Divorce?

The couple's divorce story
via Hollywood

Even though Cody Herpin and Jodie Sweetin split in 2010, the uncoupling began 16 months after their marriage. Jodie filed for legal separation in 2008. So, what went wrong in that short “blessed” span? 

The reason is not that crystal clear as Jodie didn’t “want to be disrespectful to him”, but it looks like unemployment got in their way. Cody Herpin left his job soon after his marriage to Jodie. He allegedly made excuses for failing to find a new one leaving Jodie with the task of meeting the bulk financial requirements. She did that with support from her parents and from the residual payments, she received from Full House. This gave birth to “irreconcilable differences” and eventually the separation.

Cody Herpin Filed A Suit Against His Ex-wife Jodie

Jodie Sweetin's UnSweetined

The legal battle continued even after their divorce. This time the complaint came from the side of Cody Herpin. In 2010, Jodie Sweetin released her autobiography named UnSweetined. It talked about her personal struggles with drugs and alcohol but also depicted Cody in a “false light” according to the man himself. 

One passage of the book read that “During the day, the baby was 100 percent my responsibility. Cody, meanwhile played video games”. It was also mentioned that while she was recovering from her C-section, Cody “would try to make me laugh because he knew it hurt when I laughed”. Sweetin believed “that and video games were his two forms of entertainment”. 

All of these allegations hurt Cody’s sentiments and he retaliated with a lawsuit and a clear message. And, that is, he wasn’t a video game junkie or the “uncaring, vindictive, unsupportive and disinterested” party in Jodie’s pregnancy.

Jodie Sweetin Pays Cody Herpin Child Support Money

Jodie and Cody with their daughter
via Superb Hub

Jodie and Cody have a daughter named Joie Laurel May Herpin and jointly share custody. The final settlement of their divorce saw Jodie having to pay an amount of $600 to her ex-husband. However, after 7 years, she appealed for a modification. It was then decided in the hearing that she will pay a monthly amount of 2K dollars and 10,000 dollars in retroactive child support. She has to continue till their daughter turns 18 years, gets married, or becomes financially independent. 

Well, this is not the only case where Jodie is paying for child support. As per reports, she gives around $1846 to Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle, her daughter from her other partner Morty Coyle. 

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You Can Catch Cody Herpin On Social Media

Cody Herpin with his daughter
via Instagram

While Cody mostly prefers to stay away from the limelight, he actively participates on social media, especially on Instagram. He has more than 1300 followers at present and loves sharing day-to-day snaps, especially with his daughter. 

Just like every other person in this universe, Cody Herpin is not perfect. But it is clearly evident that he has moved on from his separation from Jodie Sweetin. And is enjoying life with his little girl. We need to move on too. 


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